New High Adventure Song

That was fast!

Filksters High Adventure has a new song commemorating Ahsoka Tano’s return to television, called of course, “Ahsoka Lives”.

Ahsoka recently scored a victory in the first round of star’s annual popularity poll, even over Luke Skywalker and even with all of the funny business going on with the voting.


6 Responses to “New High Adventure Song”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Luke, upon hearing of Ahsoka’s recent win:
    “It just isn’t fair!”

    • BansheeGun Says:

      What isn’t fair is Prequel haters spamming the polls trying to defeat her… Jokes on them, she won!

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        Yeah, there were people spamming scripts for Luke and others were rigging scripts in favor of Ahsoka as well. Someone was even spamming a voting script that caused Nute Gunray to be ahead by almost 40 percent. Looks like the team managed to delete the scripted voting and give us the actual results. So Ahsoka won fair and square!

  2. blade57hrc Says:

    You mean the ”This is madness” tournament?
    Why am i seeing Ahsoka VS Obi-Wan and no Luke?

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I hope some of you have come aboard Team Jar Jar, as his first obstacle is coming up soon. And it’s totally unfair, since Padmé deserves it every bit as much and part of me thinks this was designed to be split internally.

    However, the truth is that Jar Jar makes the biggest statement. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. So we must have solidarity and show people that some of us love Jar Jar. Some of us would like to have new merchandise based around him instead of just hoping to find surplus from 1999. Some of us care about I-III and ALL their aspects.

    I am counting on you.

  4. Tarrlok Says:

    It will be… civil war without end.

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