Hard Truths About Jar Jar

People have been referring me to this video for a while but it wasn’t until now that I took the time to watch it. I love Chewie too, so nothing against him, but I got a good laugh out of it and it does point out the “hard truth” about how Jar Jar is cooler than given credit:


19 Responses to “Hard Truths About Jar Jar”

  1. BansheeGun Says:

    Dang. He really let Chewy have it!

  2. madmediaman Says:

    Brilliant! I was always curious why people thought Chewie was a good mechanic given the on screen evidence… He never fixes anything.

  3. Tony Ferris Says:

    Two Jar Jar defenses in as many days. Did I fall through a crack in the space time continuum?

  4. lovelucas Says:

    I hope Ahmed knows about this. I wish he would be invited to a Celebration.

  5. BansheeGun Says:

    Also, anyone else see that Ahsoka is now beating LUKE in This Is Madness?

  6. madmediaman Says:

    Keep voting, they are tied

  7. madmediaman Says:

    Something wonky going on with #ThisIsMadness Ahsoka/Luke voting is swinging in a fashion that isn’t believable. Monkey business afoot.

    One minute Aksoka ahead almost double digits. 5 minutes late she’s behind almost double digits.

  8. madmediaman Says:

    Yeah, it’s too bad. I’m pretty certain now the This Is Madness voting is running off some kind of script. I visited the site to check the numbers. At that point Wedge Antilles was trailing Sabine by 43% to 31%. Cleared the cache refreshed the browser, and voted again.

    In two minutes time Wedge had jumped 10% taking a 41%-31% lead. Should be called This Is Rigged.

    • BansheeGun Says:

      It’s definitely scripted. Nute Gunray is now ahead by double digits. He was losing by double digits yesterday! Also, Ezra was at 1% two hours ago, now he’s at 12%…

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        Lol yeah, You can vote limitless times, the numbers jump like crazy and Nute Gunray is in the lead. I’m rooting for him to beat out all those Imperial smucks. We’ll have to wait and see what the script does by the end of the play-in period..

        My credits are on Kanan jumping from 1% to 51% to claim a last minute victory in the Jedi bracket… 😀

  9. M. Marshall Says:

    That. Was. BRILLIANT!

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