Padmé Didn’t Die From A Broken Heart II

Joseph Tavano is back with the second part of his theory on what he believes is Padmé’s “true” cause of death. What it boils down to is Darth Sidious “killed” both Padmé and Anakin and used their life force to bring Darth Vader to life. And yes, Palpatine was the one keeping Vader afloat all along.

Do you really think a little electricity is enough to bring Darth Vader down? Does he really look that fragile? He may be an egghead at the end, but Anakin was TOUGH. A few seconds of Force lightning just isn’t enough to bring the Chosen One down.

But, the death of Darth Vader makes much more sense when we understand that the life force he was given was suddenly severed by the death of Darth Sidious.


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14 Responses to “Padmé Didn’t Die From A Broken Heart II”

  1. Slicer87 Says:

    Whoa, that is a real thinker.

  2. Gerardo Sierra Says:

    I’ve always thought Anakin killed Padme through their bond. A similar bond as that of a Master and a Padawan. Just because she wasn’t strong in the Force doesn’t mean it isn’t with her. In his anger, he was dragging Padme to death along with him. The Dark Side, Palpatine’s machinations and the suit saved Vader’s life – but not Padme’s.

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I don’t know…

    I think the idea that Palpatine manipulated Padme’s midichlorians in order to keep Anakin alive has some merit – I have my doubts he cared enough about Plagueis’ work to practice at such a distance, but it has merit.

    However, connecting Anakin’s death in Jedi to Palpatine’s lack of ontological inertia is a bit of a stretch for me. The electronics keeping Ani/Vader alive were clearly fried. If anything, it was the Force and sheer force of will that kept him alive long enough after that for a dramatic death scene, not what caused the death.

    • Slicer87 Says:

      I agree his life support was probably damaged, But I believe his line nothing can stop that now, meant even if he was hooked up to another life support, he would still die. That both the life support suit and the dark side were keeping Vader alive. Though if his suit was damaged, you would think his chest box lights would be flickering or a failure warning light would come on?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        In the “Shadows of the Empire” novel, which is likely relegated now to Legends status, there was a scene at the beginning where Darth Vader experiences a brief moment of genuine contentedness that had nothing to do with evil and his life support starts to go haywire. Maybe it’s not such a wacky idea after all.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        I still think Padme’s broken heart was a factor, she had lost just about everything and failed to save the Republic and her husband.

  4. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Oh my God! I’m sorry, but that is the only way I can respond to this. I’m trying to find something to say without allowing any emotion to get through, but I can’t. So, this is my response.

  5. Slicer87 Says:

    I think another possiblity could be that Anakin’s connection with Padme caused her death when he “died”, and that Palps only observed and knew what happened. That Anakin did kill her, but in his transformantion scenes he looked like he was half out of it from the pain.

  6. Frida Nyberg Says:

    I haven’t read part 2, but I did read part 1, and nope, am not buying it at all.
    (I write more there, just copying+pasting bits of it here.)
    A) I’m not convinced Palpatine actually *had* the powers he claimed to have, meaning power over life and death.
    B) I don’t see why Padmé’s life Force would be needed to keep Anakin alive when they have perfectly good medical technology.
    C) How could Palpatine know about Padmé’s death, without him actually killing her? That question I don’t understand at all.
    D) I’ve always just thought of it as a mirroring done on purpose, to show Padmé’s death and Vader’s rebirth inter-cut like that. Lucas did the same with when they wake up – Padmé asks for Anakin, “Anakin” asks for Padmé – intentional mirroring.
    E) Palpatine smiles in satisfaction because he’s a sadist who just got what he wanted; the most powerful apprentice that he’s been trying to get for 13 years, and he knows that Vader’s grief will fuel his hatred.

    Also, F) When people complain about the “broken heart” I always say that it actually *does* happen in real life, you can *literally* die from a broken heart. It’s not “stupid” or “dumb” like people like to say, it’s real and tragic. I’m open to Padmé being killed by the Force somehow, but I don’t think it was Palpatine and I don’t think it was Vader (as another article years ago suggested).

    And YES, sure “a little electricity” could have killed Vader. That life-support system was fragile; ruin it and he’s dead.

  7. madmediaman Says:

    Never bought this theory once. Padme’s death is pretty straightforward and firmly rooted in classic Greek tragedy… in fact ROTS is nothing more than one giant Greek tragedy playing out on the big screen. One of the more common devices of myth/tragedy is either death by broken heart, or a lover being so forlorn and despondent they commit suicide.

    That’s all this was, and any attempt to rationalize is simply trying to make her death more palatable to two groups:

    1.) Prequel haters

    2) People who simply could not accept the fact that Padme losing the will to live might be seen as selfish as still had something to live for… her kids.

    Lucas isn’t concerned with any of that… he’s telling the Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker. It’s the ultimate twist that Anakin had been searching for a way to save Padme from his vision of her death during child birth when in fact he was the very instrument of her death. It’s the Greek Fates playing the cruelest of ironic jokes on him.

    She has lost the two things that were the most important to her throughout the entire trilogy… her husband, and the Republic.. From a modern view she still had her kids to raise, but Greek tragedy again is not concerned with that, her function as a character is to permanent seal the finality of Anakin’s fall from grace… her purpose has been served. Heck in Greek myth she would have given birth to the twins on Mustafar and then flung herself into the lava in her despair. At least you didn’t get that ending.

    Also I suspect her death was part of a left over vestige of some earlier story ideas in which Padme was having difficulty during her pregnancy due to the nature of the kids. There were numerous storyboarded sequences with her being affected by the Force ability of her kids. I’m sure that had some effect on her, but was probably dropped as it would be difficult to explain onscreen.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s interesting people are talking about the prequels and coming up with theories.

      I think there was a symbiotic relationship between Anakin and Padme and his descent into the Dark Side drained away her will to live. It might seem “horrible” for someone to lose her will to live, even with children, but it happens all of the time in real life. Few understand depression and despair. I guess people think she should’ve just popped some Xanax and carried on.

    • blade57hrc Says:

      I completely understand where you’re comming from, but in my opinion the one answer is..they’re both true…

      I think G.Lucas left it vague enough so that it could both fit the Greek Tragedy motifs & also have an ”in universe” explanation (which is what PT bashers seem to only care about…even though they usually accuse the OT of being ”shallow”…)

  8. Infin/itive Says:

    I think, for my experience as a viewer of the movie, the idea that Palpatine was directly responsible for both killing Anakin and Padme and creating Darth Vader makes enough sense to accept. The tragedy of Anakin is that he fell victim to a self-fulfilling prophesy — he believed something terrible was going to happen, behaved immoraly and foolishly, lost what he was trying to save, and became a miserable slave to an evil villain.

    None of this is contradicted by the interpretation that Palpatine used the Force to kill Padme and engineered the nightmares that plagued Anakin. Anakin is still responsible for all of it by not listening to his friends and acting more rationally. He was given chance after chance to reverse course, even after betraying Master Windu.

    Now, as for whether Vader knew Palpatine was the only thing keeping him alive (assuming he was, which I doubt) after the dual with Kenobi by means of some continuous use of the Force, I think it is plausible Vader realized it shortly before Luke was arrested on Yavin. “It is too late for me, son.” Looking back to the dual at Cloud City, Vader clearly didn’t think he was dependant on the Emperor because he tried to convince Luke to help him kill the Emperor and take his place.

    Now, I don’t think Vader was dependant on Palpatine for life, thus explaining his apparently easy slaying. That would, at the very least, demand the viewer accept that the Emperor is unbelievably (that is to say, NOT believably) powerful.

    I think two things killed Vader: 1, his suit was damaged by the full power of Palpatine’s lightning attack and 2, Vader’s life was sustained by his own continuous use of the Force, and having relied upon the dark side of the Force for so long, his psychological transformation back to Anakin when he decided to save his son stripped him of his ability to adequately draw upon that aspect of the Force. The dual with Luke had probably weakened him a lot, too.

  9. Quintus Maximus Says:

    Palpatine wanted to turn Anakin in a beast that Vader became. Maybe this is the real purpose in life. Love create castles, but Hatred create Empires. A man becomes a God when he turns into a BEAST, the inner Dragon. Looks like anti-romantic thing, but romaticism is a social conformity thinking. Many calls Vader a tragic hero, but the tragic hero ends in Mustafar. After this, he was the beast he was meant to be. The inner SATAN born and he turn to Darth Vader, more a machine than man, more a beast than man. When he was a jedi, he meditated to find peace because the jedi has no inner peace, the jedi is worried about life, about having peace, about protecting those who love. After his lost to obi wan, he found a inner peace he never had before, so he felt free to meditate and feel hatred, dark feelings, without feeling bad about it. When people lose everything they had in life, they turn to the real beast inside. It’s from suffering that a God rises, just like Rome and Hannibal. Hannibal created the beast that was Rome, invading italy and creating terror, misery, pain, suffering. After this Rome burned Carthage and became a military beast, dominating and destroying everything, just like Palpatine and Darth Vader Empire.

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