The Treasure of the Sierra Madre & ROTS

Bryan Young’s ongoing series for about cinematic influences on Star Wars features the 1948 film “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and its influence on ROTS:

Bogart provided bits of inspiration as the unlikely hero for Han Solo in films like Casablanca, but none of that is on display here. Instead, he plays a man unhinged by his own greed and jealousy as his actions to prevent a thing from happening are what inevitably cause that thing to happen. The film is beautifully bathed in irony that would seem to serve as the basis for Anakin’s actions through Revenge of the Sith. His willingness to do anything to prevent Padmé’s death is the one thing that hastens it.

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3 Responses to “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre & ROTS”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    I didn’t feel this connection with Sierra Madre as much as I did with Throne of Blood. Bryan really stepped it up in the citing Anakin trying to choose between Palpatine and Mace and noting the anguish in his expression.

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    I was inclined to think that these couldn’t be the only two movies with the same “destroys the very thing they’re trying to protect” theme. With that in mind, though, I can see the point of using all parts of Star Wars to try and lead people towards looking at other films. (Although I certainly don’t watch as many movies as I could, I do sort of have the feeling it’s most satisfying to approach Star Wars from a “cinema” perspective, and might even wonder aloud if those most inclined to negativity lack that perspective…)

    Anyway, I’d seen it suggested beforehand that The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was one of the influences on the “look” of Indiana Jones, although Indy never winds up as ragged or overgrown as Fred C. Dobbs.

  3. Slicer87 Says:

    I see it, both are concerned and become paranoid about loss. That fear consumes them and their actions ends up bringing about what they feared most. Star Wars is a mix of many genres, not just Scifi genre. Too many people just view Star Wars with a Scifi context. There is quite a bit of other stuff mixed in.

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