Release Dates Set For Shakespeare Parodies of AOTC & ROTS

“The Phantom Of Menace: Star Wars The First” comes out on April 7, but already Amazon has dates and descriptions for Shakespeare’s “takes” on AOTC and ROTS. Quirk Books will publish “The Clone Army Attacketh: Star Wars The Second” on July 7 (no cover art yet):

To Shmi or not to Shmi? Torn between duty to the Jedi, attraction to Padmé, and concern for his beloved mother, yeoman Jedi Anakin Skywalker struggles to be master of his fate. The path he chooses will determine not just his own destiny, but that of the entire Republic. And thereby hangs a tale.

Alack the day! A noble lady in danger. A knight and squire in battle. And a forbidden love that’s written in the stars. Once again, the quill of William Shakespeare meets the galaxy of George Lucas in an insightful reimagining that sets the Star Wars saga on the Elizabethan stage. The characters are familiar, but the masterful meter, insightful soliloquies, and period illustrations will convince you that the Bard himself penned this epic adventure.

“Tragedy Of The Sith’s Revenge: Star Wars The Third” will be out on September 8:

The curtain rises once again on that star-crossed galaxy far, faraway—this time, to chronicle a once-heroic knight’s transformation into the darkest of villains. William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge is the climactic conclusion to the fall of the house of Skywalker, a collaboration between William Shakespeare and George Lucas that’s filled with masterful meter, stirring soliloquies, inside jokes, and intricate Elizabethan illustrations. You’ll fall in love with Star Wars—and Shakespeare—all over again. At the same time!

Both books will be written by Ian Doescher, who wrote all of the other Shakespeare/Star Wars parodies.

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2 Responses to “Release Dates Set For Shakespeare Parodies of AOTC & ROTS”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Can’t wait. Just bought The Jedi Doth Return (yes, I’m such a rebel I bought the last one first), and I thoroughly enjoyed it (it has one or two issues/red flags, but overall good).

  2. blade57hrc Says:

    Finally! The Klingon originals!!! 😀

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