Cool Stuff To Express Your Fandom

While perusing Tumblr for clever gifs to reblog, I caught wind of this from White Hot Room‘s Tumblr. One of the bloggers from that site started up a Redbubble store called houseorgana with some original t-shirts and mugs.

Here are the House Kenobi tee and the House Skywalker designs. (Also available: House Solo and for you Legends fans, House Jade. They also have a “#spacemarried” design for Rebels fans.)

Plus everyone who reads this site will want these mugs.

Now excuse me while I make like Fry and hand somebody my money…

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2 Responses to “Cool Stuff To Express Your Fandom”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    At first I didn’t get the mugs but now I do. It makes me look like I’m drinking the tears of haters and losers like David Prowse. Ha Ha.

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