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Some New Stuff From Toy Fair 2015

February 17, 2015

In case you missed it, or totally ignored various toy/collector sites, here are some highlights from last week’s International Toy Fair in New York City.

As you might imagine, a large chunk of what’s coming is based off of Eps IV-VI, Rebels, and TFA, though of course nothing from the new movie was on display. But some prequel items managed to sneak in there, as you can see from Lego and Hasbro.

What really got tongues wagging was the Hero Mashers line where you can mix and mingle parts to get stuff like this:


Essay On “Depth Of The Prequels”

February 13, 2015

A new blogger on The Cantina Cast has a post you will all love, The Star Wars Connection: Depth of the Prequels. The author has been a fan since ANH came out, like me, so I can definitely relate to his POV.

The prequels are as much an important part of the Saga as the original trilogy. We can find opportunities to bond with the characters, feel the moral conflict they face and walk their journey as they realize their full potential or destiny. When an audience identifies with the characters then the story truly comes to life. It did for me. How about you?

Top 10 Anakin/Padmé Moments (According To Me)

February 13, 2015

Since the official Star Wars site has ignored Anakin and Padmé, only one of the most consequential relationships in the entire series, for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d come up with my own Top 10 Anakin and Padmé moments from the movies.

(I know this isn’t every “moment” from the films, not even every moment I love, but I’m limiting it to ten.)

10. “Are you an angel?”

The future lovebirds meet for the first time with a classic pick-up line.

9. Anakin gives Padmé the japor snippet for good luck


His first token of affection, which Padmé will carry to her grave.

8. Padmé and Anakin’s dinner date


Where Anakin impresses Padmé by floating her fruit and talking about “aggressive negotiations.”

7. Teasing a Senator


Two pretty people in a pretty field.

6. “You are in my very soul, tormenting me”


Anakin gets serious

5. “Ani, I’m pregnant”

Padmé has some very important news

4. First kiss

Padmé, you tease!

3. “I truly deeply love you…”

Finally she comes around

2. The wedding


Sealing the deal

1. “Ruminations”

Perhaps one of Lucas’s most effective scenes ever

Upcoming Battlefront Game Has Prequel/CW Stuff

February 12, 2015

Making Star has some rumors about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game. It is mostly OT stuff (of course) but the much-anticipated game will supposedly have some stuff from TPM and ROTS as well as Clone Wars and naturally, TFA. The game drops shortly before EpVII comes out.

Best Space Program Promo Ever

February 12, 2015

Eat your heart out, “Big Bang Theory”:

These guys are all going off to the International Space Station. Have a safe trip and MTFBWY!

Where’s The Love For Anakin & Padmé,

February 12, 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, or what I call Singlehood Awareness Day or Chocolate 75% Off Eve. In the spirit of ro-mance, star posted a piece called “6 Star Wars Couples That We Love” but while the list had Han and Leia and even Artoo and Threepio, there’s one Really Crucial Couple excluded from the piece. You know, the one that influenced the fate of the galaxy and made sure there would be Eps IV-IX?

Instead of Anakin and Padmé, the list is padded out with mostly couples from the now so-not-canon novels, with the only bone thrown to the prequels at all is Obi-Wan and Satine from Clone Wars. When more than a few fans questioned in the comments why Anakin and Padmé were left out, the author (whose piece really should’ve been called “6 Star Wars Couples That I Love”…it sure didn’t speak for me) wrote, “I don’t feel that they had the healthiest of relationships.” Yet Luke and Mara (#2 on the list) did? Mara worked for the Emperor, used the Dark Side, and tried to kill Luke. What about the adolescent bickering and baiting between Han and Leia, including Leia’s incestuous kiss just to tick off Han? It’s also kind of strange to call Anakin and Padmé unhealthy when millions of women are planning to run out tomorrow to see “50 Shades Of Grey.”

Of course it’s all just opinion but it’s disappointing and all-too-typical of how the prequels are handled by official fandom. I know there’s a large Anakin/Padmé shipper contingent out there and there has been for years. But “we” don’t count because the conventional wisdom is that only stupid or crazy people would ever find Anakin/Padmé appealing. The romance of the prequel trilogy is a lightning rod for the films’ detractors, grumbling about “bad dialogue,” “wooden acting,” and “no chemistry.” Even people who don’t necessarily hate the prequels call Anakin “creepy” and “a stalker.” I believe THAT’s why Anakin and Padmé were left off that list. Either the author believes what I just cited or thought it was better to avoid any “controversy” by not mentioning them at all.

While we’re at it, star also posted a video with the top 10 Han and Leia moments. That’s all fine and good–I love them too–but how many of you think they’ll also post one with Anakin and Padmé? Ever?

More Evidence Of A Digital Release Of Eps I-VI?

February 9, 2015

Some outfit called Andrew’s Toyz (via Furious Fanboys) posted pictures of an upcoming “digital release commemorative set” of action figures from Eps I-VI. Gee, you think that means we can see the saga on Netflix or iTunes soon?

Cantina Cast Essay

February 8, 2015

Becca Benjamin is back with another blog post, “Are You An Angel”, an essay about Padmé’s connection with Luke. I have thought of Luke as being Padmé’s avatar in many ways, so this was a pretty interesting perspective.

Really Popular Clone Wars Character On Rebels?

February 6, 2015

Yes, a REALLY popular character, one even more popular than Hondo if that’s possible.

First, a French site tipped it off (meshing with a theory on the identity of “Fulcrum”), then Making Star’s Jason Ward reveals something he’d overheard while at a Marvel Comics event that pretty much confirms what fans have suspected. Ward also names a couple of other classic characters who will appear in Season Two of the show.

Stay tuned!

Update: And there’s more!

Throwback Thursday Photo

February 5, 2015


Here’s an old Before The Helmet shot from the production of ROTS, featuring the Darth Vader helmet designed for Hayden Christensen.