Two New Essays On Saga Characters

Becca Benjamin has two new essays. One on The Cantina Cast focuses on parallels in Anakin and Luke’s story arcs, while another on Coffee With Kenobi examines similarities between Leia and Padme.

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4 Responses to “Two New Essays On Saga Characters”

  1. Brian47 Says:

    Thanks for alerting us to these, I’ve been enjoying the posts made on The Cantina Cast as of late.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    Although I’ve enjoyed some of these articles, CWK is also the source of prequel negativity. I tread carefully.

  3. Brian47 Says:

    Interesting you pointed that out, I just commented on an article at CWK yesterday that I felt was too much of an “OT always wins” statement. Not that fans can’t have differing opinions, it’s just when they’re stated as facts that I get irked.

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