Essay On “Depth Of The Prequels”

A new blogger on The Cantina Cast has a post you will all love, The Star Wars Connection: Depth of the Prequels. The author has been a fan since ANH came out, like me, so I can definitely relate to his POV.

The prequels are as much an important part of the Saga as the original trilogy. We can find opportunities to bond with the characters, feel the moral conflict they face and walk their journey as they realize their full potential or destiny. When an audience identifies with the characters then the story truly comes to life. It did for me. How about you?

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2 Responses to “Essay On “Depth Of The Prequels””

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I feel much the same way. I’m really mostly Jar Jar, but in my darker moments I’m 100% Anakin. Well, those and when I’m overwhelmed with love.

  2. piccolojr1138 Says:

    Comics about Jar-Jar ? Maybe one day…

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