Where’s The Love For Anakin & Padmé, starwars.com?

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, or what I call Singlehood Awareness Day or Chocolate 75% Off Eve. In the spirit of ro-mance, star wars.com posted a piece called “6 Star Wars Couples That We Love” but while the list had Han and Leia and even Artoo and Threepio, there’s one Really Crucial Couple excluded from the piece. You know, the one that influenced the fate of the galaxy and made sure there would be Eps IV-IX?

Instead of Anakin and Padmé, the list is padded out with mostly couples from the now so-not-canon novels, with the only bone thrown to the prequels at all is Obi-Wan and Satine from Clone Wars. When more than a few fans questioned in the comments why Anakin and Padmé were left out, the author (whose piece really should’ve been called “6 Star Wars Couples That I Love”…it sure didn’t speak for me) wrote, “I don’t feel that they had the healthiest of relationships.” Yet Luke and Mara (#2 on the list) did? Mara worked for the Emperor, used the Dark Side, and tried to kill Luke. What about the adolescent bickering and baiting between Han and Leia, including Leia’s incestuous kiss just to tick off Han? It’s also kind of strange to call Anakin and Padmé unhealthy when millions of women are planning to run out tomorrow to see “50 Shades Of Grey.”

Of course it’s all just opinion but it’s disappointing and all-too-typical of how the prequels are handled by official fandom. I know there’s a large Anakin/Padmé shipper contingent out there and there has been for years. But “we” don’t count because the conventional wisdom is that only stupid or crazy people would ever find Anakin/Padmé appealing. The romance of the prequel trilogy is a lightning rod for the films’ detractors, grumbling about “bad dialogue,” “wooden acting,” and “no chemistry.” Even people who don’t necessarily hate the prequels call Anakin “creepy” and “a stalker.” I believe THAT’s why Anakin and Padmé were left off that list. Either the author believes what I just cited or thought it was better to avoid any “controversy” by not mentioning them at all.

While we’re at it, star wars.com also posted a video with the top 10 Han and Leia moments. That’s all fine and good–I love them too–but how many of you think they’ll also post one with Anakin and Padmé? Ever?


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10 Responses to “Where’s The Love For Anakin & Padmé, starwars.com?”

  1. Nobody Says:

    This is just pissing on us without even having the courtesy of calling it rain. There’s only two romantic couples in the official movies. Fucking come on.

  2. Mike Sidious Says:

    They included fan-fiction, but not Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala? And the excuse that they didn’t have the “healthiest of relationships” is just really weak. All romance is mercurial.

  3. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Ah, my favorite subject of all of SW, Anakin and Padme. The hate they get is just something I never will understand and most of it is so baseless it’s useless to get upset but still, they deserve more credit.

    Looking past the “bad dialogue” and “wooden acting”, you have a really intense and quite beautiful love story. Even if the “chemistry” isn’t hot as flames, I can look past the so called flaws and see what George intended it to be.

    And don’t even get me started on the “unhealthy relationship” debacle. First off, terms like “unhealthy” and “abusive” get thrown around way to much nowadays. The second half of Episode III aside, what was so “creepy-ish” or “stalker-ish” about Anakin and Padme’s relationship? Ok so he was in love with her for most of his life and thought about her everyday for 10 years. There’s nothing remotely creepy about that. The fact that I’m a hopeless romantic aside, I’m sure that happens a lot to people in love. No big deal. Ok so he was awkward around her. What teenage boy wouldn’t be awkward around the girl he has a crush on? People tend to forget that Anakin is SUPPOSE to be awkward. And given that he’s growing up in a Jedi society where expressing your feelings is looked down upon, I’d say he reacts just as expected. When Padme told him they couldn’t be together did he moan and whine about it? Did he complain that she “friend zoned” him? No. He respected her wishes and ended anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. A lot of guys wouldn’t do that. Props to Anakin.

    Onto ROTS. Anakin, knowing how big this would be and how messy this would make things, was very supportive when Padme revealed she was pregnant. There’s no doubt in my mind that if things didn’t go south, Anakin would have been a devoted father. Now while Anakin’s attachment to Padme could be considered “unhealthy” it’s not in the bad way that the fandom makes it out to be. You have this guy with tons of emotional baggage and the girl he loves whose arguably the only person who’s ever completely shown trust and love towards him other than his mother, who was killed btw. Of course he’s gonna get attached. He didn’t want to lose her. Now onto the Mustafar scene. Ok, first off, this whole thing is not a black and white situation. You have to remember that Anakin was not Anakin at this point. He’s was so far gone at this point. In his twisted mind and thinking, he seriously and 100% thought that Padme brought Obi Wan there to kill him. He made a mistake. Only happened once. I’m confident that had he been in a clearer mind set, it never would have happened. Doesn’t excuse it, but hey not everything is clear cut. Padme knew that he wasn’t Anakin anymore and forgave him. He spent the rest of his miserable life without his wife and thinking that he killed his wife. Did I say don’t get me started? Oops :p

    And let’s not forget how Han and Leia treated each other. Anakin was nicer to Padme than Han was to Leia for the first two movies combined.

    So yeah, Anakin/Padme really don’t get enough credit and there would be no story of the preciously sacred flawless piece of art that is the Original Trilogy if it weren’t for the love Anakin Skywalker had for Padme Amidala~

    • M. Marshall Says:

      Hear, hear! Nick Skywalker. I get very offended when people use the domestic violence argument for these two. I was a victim of a mean boy in my sophomore year of high school who felt he had every right to verbally and physically hurt me every day to the point where I was afraid to leave my house. I suffered from depression as a result. The point is that Anakin doesn’t even come within a cat’s whisker of the a-hole that tormented and bullied me. Vader aside, I wish more men were like Anakin and Luke and Obi-Wan and even Han. And thanks LP for mentioning ” 50 Shades of Grey”. If there’s anything that teaches poisonous relationships it’s that crappy book/film.

  4. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Just because it didn’t end well doesn’t mean they didn’t belong together.

    Anakin/Padmé is how most real life relationships look and start, ESPECIALLY amongst the socially awkward that make up a good deal of Star Wars fandom (and I do count myself here). Han/Leia makes me MUCH more uncomfortable because Han is far too presumptuous.

    Oh, and don’t get e started on how OOC Anakin was in the S5 Clovis arc. As jealous as Anakin would have been, he would never dream of hurting Padmé. Clovis maybe, but never Padmé. That’s why the end of Sith is so tragic, because it shows how far he’s fallen.

  5. darth66zannah Says:

    people compain that Anakin and Padme’s relationship was unrealistic…and unbelievable and the most awkward in film history but to me the most unrealistic and fakest romance om screen goes to Neo and Trinity of The Matrix! She fell in love with the chosen one in like 2 days and didn’t even spend any time to get to know him! At least Anakin and Padme spent time with each other and were child hood friends! The hate these 2 get is completely unjustified and as gar as their dialogue …i was watching Lord of the Rings the other day…it was a scene with Aragon and Erwin…”remember when we first me?” “I felt like I strayed into a dream” Talk about cheesey….

  6. Aeryn Says:

    And even if they did somehow include A/P, it would be from Clone Wars, not the live action films. Sigh. My site hasn’t been around as long as it has because of just me – there are fans around who DO like A/P, blastit. My site doesn’t have a visitor counter, but my image and fan art galleries do, and they get plenty of hits.

    Thanks for once again showing what you really think of me and those like me, SW.com.

  7. lisse Says:

    I ship A/P and a lot of other tragic angsty couples so when people say things like unhealthy, dsyfunction, or tragic, I’m laughing because that’s WHY I’m shipping it ffs. It’s fiction and as long as it’s not idealized, what’s the problem with shipping and being into couples that don’t end up together? It must be really bland and boring to only hold up functionality in fictional relationships as a barometer.

    Love includes tragedy and angst too – it’s not just about happy endgames. Han/Leia fight and give into their desires and end up together but that’s doesn’t make them somehow more worthy of being shipped than a tragedy. Some people like tragedy and angst. I have enough functionality and happy loving in my real life, thanks.

    Beyond that, not including a couple whose love and its consequences reverberated through the galaxy, even decades later, is hella basic. Without them, there’d be no Luke/Leia, would there be a Vader even? Smh at this mess.

  8. Helen Says:


  9. Claire Says:

    Note: Too much vulgar language and I don’t permit knocking Lucas here. Please read the Rules of the House.

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