Upcoming Battlefront Game Has Prequel/CW Stuff

Making Star Wars.net has some rumors about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game. It is mostly OT stuff (of course) but the much-anticipated game will supposedly have some stuff from TPM and ROTS as well as Clone Wars and naturally, TFA. The game drops shortly before EpVII comes out.

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4 Responses to “Upcoming Battlefront Game Has Prequel/CW Stuff”

  1. BansheeGun Says:

    TBH, the Prequel-era battles in the original Star Wars Battlefront games were SOOO much better than the OT ones.

  2. Tarrlok Says:

    The SW: Battlefront fan community I’ve observed has leaned very strongly towards the era of the PT. That’s what most of the mods I’ve seen have focused on: various Clone Wars armies, clone armour variations, battle droid variants, maps inspired by everything from Republic Commando to TCW, and so on. Or maybe that’s just confirmation bias at work.

    If EA and Lucasfilm want to tap into that highly developed fanbase, they’ll need to attract their interest. The fact is, the PT and TCW are what Star Wars is to many people below a certain age. Now that energy weapons and interstellar travel are a fixture of sci-fi settings, it will take more than aesthetics to get people to think of anything new as authentic.

    However, these rumours don’t indicate that the new Battlefront will be anywhere near as inclusive of all SW eras as the first two were. It will be almost entirely focused on Episodes 4-7. A few battles from TCW and ROTS doesn’t a PT game make.

    Sadly, the time for a Clone Wars-focused shooter has probably passed.

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Yeah, Being a huge Battlefront II fan myself, all you have said is absolutely true. The prequel and Clone Wars era maps and mods were always my favorites, especially anything involving Asajj Ventress as a playable hero.

      I know they supposedly have an “Aggressive” DLC plan for this new Battlefront (sad, but true). Some of that could add more prequel era stuff to the game, but more likely than not it will be sequel film focused, with more OT stuff thrown in just “because.”

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