Best Space Program Promo Ever

Eat your heart out, “Big Bang Theory”:

These guys are all going off to the International Space Station. Have a safe trip and MTFBWY!



3 Responses to “Best Space Program Promo Ever”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    They let a Sith on board? This is exactly why the space program is suffering, you fools!

  2. Stefan Kraft Says:

    And one of them seems to be an Imperial Knight (Legends, I know, but still…), and another has even stolen Mace Windu’s lightsabre!

    Anyway, it is interesting that the “mainstream” identifies these robes with Jedi robes, i.e. that their look has become common knowledge.

  3. Kathryn “LadyJediScientist” S. Says:

    Amazing poster!

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