Really Popular Clone Wars Character On Rebels?

Yes, a REALLY popular character, one even more popular than Hondo if that’s possible.

First, a French site tipped it off (meshing with a theory on the identity of “Fulcrum”), then Making Star’s Jason Ward reveals something he’d overheard while at a Marvel Comics event that pretty much confirms what fans have suspected. Ward also names a couple of other classic characters who will appear in Season Two of the show.

Stay tuned!

Update: And there’s more!


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12 Responses to “Really Popular Clone Wars Character On Rebels?”

  1. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Come one, Filoni, prove to me you have some cojones. Put Jar Jar in an episode. I double-dog dare ya!

    • darth66zannah Says:

      LOL…you’re funny… he should do it just to piss off the obsessed OT fans

    • Anonymous Says:

      That would end up being the best Rebels episode EVAR!!

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Would not be that bad to know what happened to the Gungans after the Empire took over…

    • James Says:

      I actualy would kind of like that, it would definitly be fun to watch the hater cry and whine, yet i also would fear they would use it as an excuse to kill him so as to apease the haters.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      In all seriousness, I think it would be perfect if Jar Jar were to play a key role in the creation of the Rebel Alliance alongside Ahsoka since Jar Jar also played a key role in giving Palpatine his emergency powers in AOTC. Perhaps Dave Filoni could do George a solid and give Jar Jar a truly heroic moment that redeems himself from his earlier mistake and sets in motion the destruction of the Empire.

  2. darth66zannah Says:

    but seriously I hope it is Ahsoka Tano!!

  3. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Obivous statement by JJ Abrams:
    Well, if the internet could have just sensible discussions about “how much CGI” instead of the “all cgi be bad !!11 thats why prequels sucked” meme you find all too often… And for the record, I never had any problems with the CGI GL used in his movies.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I saw that the other day and laughed. As if they were going to go up to space to film on location or use 1970s models or old fashioned matte paintings.

      Better yet, IGN CENSORED that “enormous amount of cg” comment out of its report.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        I will put money on the fact that TFA uses fewer models to make its visual effects than any one of the three PT movies.

  4. Brian47 Says:

    If this rumor is indeed true and Ashoka makes an appearance on Rebels, that goes a long towards seeing how Disney is integrating the prequel era into the OT, which is nice to see. i think it shows that the Lucasfilm story group is making efforts to keep it all current and not distance the “Disney era” from what preceded it.

  5. Retcon Says:

    So Filoni is bringing back his pet character, big deal. I like the idea of a Jar-Jar episode though.

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