ROTS & “Throne Of Blood”

The latest installment of Bryan Young’s look at cinematic influences on Star Wars features Akira Kurosawa’s film “Throne Of Blood” and its influence on ROTS.

But perhaps the moment that is mirrored most heavily between Throne of Blood and Star Wars is the choice given to the main character. In Throne of Blood, Mifune’s character is told that he can act to murder his lord in order to save his own life, or he could remain loyal and hope that he wasn’t murdered. The angst caused by this dilemma is mirrored in Anakin’s choice in Revenge of the Sith, when he’s given the choice between helping Palpatine or Mace Windu. After Anakin makes his choice the look of pained agony on his face is heartbreaking, and is a mirror of the trouble Mifune goes through after murdering his own lord and committing crime after crime to justify his actions.


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