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7 Responses to “Ask SWPAS”

  1. Gerardo Sierra Says:

    Have you dealt with any haters off the internet?

  2. guile95x Says:

    Hey! I alwayw wondered how were the Gunganns allowed to build such buildings under water and with the shield that I can’t remember its name now.
    They don’t seem that much intelligent and I don’t see any factory arround there or some other big facilities for scientific research etc…
    Did tou come up with an idea of why and maybe who gave them those technologies?

    • M. Marshall Says:

      What convinced you that Gungans aren’t intelligent?

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Yeah. I’d say they’re actually more intelligent than the Naboo. (The Gungans managed to anticipate and evade the battle droids in the swamps unlike the Naboo who were instantly captured when the invasion army stormed Theed).

      “Da Naboo tink day so smarty, day tink day brains so big!”

  3. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Overall, what are your feelings toward the ST? Are you excited or wary about them?

  4. evangelian007 Says:

    What do you think of Star Wars Rebels now? You think the show it’s getting better or worse? And how much do you think it will last? Like 2 seasons or more if it captures public’s interest?

  5. peacetrainjedi Says:

    An in-universe question a bit out of left field:
    You might have answered this before but, If you were a Padawan in a galaxy far, far away, who would you like for a Jedi Master? And if you were a Master, who would you want to take on as an apprentice?

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