Marvel Thinking Of PT-Era Comics?

Marvel editor Jordan White addressed a question on whether Marvel has plans to set anything in the prequel era:

So far, of the four projects we’ve announced, three of them are set during the original trilogy. The idea there is that we want to first establish a sort of core line for Star Wars—the way the X-Men line or Avengers line have a core of books that can interact with each other, and readers can read some or all of them. Things that happen in one book can echo through the other, so to speak.

But the fourth book, Kanan, is set between the trilogies for the most part—it starts with the story of how Kanan survived order 66.

I look very much forward to doing stories set in the prequel era—I have a couple of ideas for series I think would fit really well there. But we have nothing to announce just yet.

Put the pressure on Marvel to make it happen!

In other news, check out the cover of the upcoming Darth Vader comic here.


2 Responses to “Marvel Thinking Of PT-Era Comics?”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    Let’s help make this happen! So good to hear prequel enthusiasm from someone who might be able to make a difference.
    Re that cover – so bizarre to see an active Vader in front of and leading all those droid/robot characters from TPM/AotC – back when he was still Anakin. Seems like 2 different eras.

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