Furious Fanboys Says Disney Isn’t Brushing Aside PT

Today Furious Fanboys says Disney is not brushing the PT aside after all and it offers the evidence:

Currently there are two novels in stores as part of the “new canon” with a third on the way next month. All three have strong ties to the Prequels. Even though Tarkin is about an Original Trilogy character, there are many references back to the Prequel era. Even more shocking to those who want to erase the Prequels from existence is the upcoming Luke Skywalker novel Heir to the Jedi.



23 Responses to “Furious Fanboys Says Disney Isn’t Brushing Aside PT”

  1. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Saying that they’re “brushing aside the PT” is subjective. I definitely agree, but to each his own I guess but to say that there isn’t any bias when it comes to OT and PT with Disney and their merchandising and whatnot is definitely stretching it.

    I’m literally scrolling through the Disney Store webpage right now and all the SW merchandise is literally OT related, aside from one DVD of TCW and the Rebels stuff (Which I, personally wouldn’t count as PT related) and there are a few things you can personalize with PT characters (and by PT characters they only ones they have optional are Anakin, Mace, and Queen Amidala)

    But toys, shirts, other misc. things? Nothing but OT. 3 books out of the probably hundreds of things focused on the OT is not exactly a fair fight.

    • slicer87 Says:

      I don’t even consider either of the clone wars series as the prequels, yet alone Rebels, these TV series are spinoffs of the films at best. I still don’t get why fans have to have every tie in and spin off be considered the same level of canon as the films.

      There is indeed a bias torwards the OT with Disney. But it is probably mainly just marketing as the OT has been around longer and more well known, and fits more as a lead up to the ST.

  2. piccolojr1138 Says:

    He’s completely right, and he didn’t even talk of Rebels ! Each episodes has many ties with the Prequels and The Clone Wars.

    Disney and Lucasfilm have adopted a “back to the originals” bias to please the medias, but their new stuff maintain strong ties with the prequel era (and its fans). It’s important to counterbalance the former, but also to encourage the latter !

  3. BansheeGun Says:

    Interesting, I never heard Arndt rumor, it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s possible. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I hope FF is right.

  4. may_child Says:


  5. smoothkaz Says:

    I feel like they are brushing them aside in arguably the most important manner – advertising and merchandising. The novels may still be full of prequel references, but Disney is definitely pushing for OT nostalgia with their current toys and various tie-in products.

  6. lovelucas Says:

    The only positive I see here is an acknowledgement that WE’RE still here but they are doing diddley for prequel peeps. There’s been way too much puckering up to the posterior of the fanboys by JJ et al. The merchandising is following suit and calling novels prequel related just because they have a few lines mentioning the prequel era in them is not the same thing as a prequel novel.

  7. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    It feels like Disney is trying to have their cake and eat it too. I mean, sure, I’ll gladly take it over a complete sweeping under the rug, but I still only very rarely feel represented in official fandom.

  8. Matt Robert McKenzie Says:

    I’m an EU fan first and foremost, so imagine how underrepresented I must feel. Just saying. All the EU merch save for Mara Jade and the Old Republic (specifically SWTOR) has gone tits up and the rest re-branded with that horrible “Legends” band that makes me cry whenever I see it on a book.

    At the end of the day, Star Wars is Star Wars, and to be fair from 1999 to 2008-2009, Lucasfilm’s merchandising was heavily geared more for the Prequels than it was the OT to the point when the OT came out on DVD for the first time, people were starved an leaped for it. Sure many butthurts were disappointed at them being the special edition, but for nearly 10 years the major push was the prequel era. In 2010 it became a more universal kind of gig with all the eras of Star Wars, PT, OT, EU, being represented. Then Disney took over and the focus is back on the OT. Just watch, when the ST gets rolling, most of the merch will be on that. Merchandising is cyclical, and sooner or later, all gets cropped up in one form or another.

    MY only wish is that Mara Jade returns from Canon-clusterfuck hell and back into the stories. She returns, I am happy. Simple as that.

    • maychild Says:


      Nah. Too easy.

    • M. Marshall Says:

      The upside to this “Legends” banner is that now I can read every book in the EU timeline w/out a new book to throw me off.

      • maychild Says:

        Upside for me is that horrid characters like Mara Jade never existed.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        Hey, some people like her. We’re hardly in any position to express extreme negativity about it.

      • may_child Says:

        Oh, I’ll never stop my extreme negativity with regards to the red-gold hairball.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        Then how are you any better than someone who says they’ll never stop bashing Jar Jar at any opportunity?

        I’m not saying you have to love her. Your opinion is your own. But one of the fundamental things this site fights against is people who say “This Sucks” when what they should be saying is “I Personally Don’t Like This.” I don’t like a lot of the EU, and I’m glad it’s officially apocryphal now instead of ambiguously apocryphal. But I’m not about to bash them because I know a lot of people liked the stories.

        And we should all know how it feels to see something we love discarded and berated. So even if something outright offends my sensibilities I’m not going to express that in any way that would make someone feel horrible for liking it.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        There’s never been a Star Wars character I didn’t like. I love everyone in The Galaxy Far Far Away.

      • maychild Says:

        Mara isn’t a SW character. The rules of bashing don’t apply to her the way they do to Jar Jar, because he’s canon and she isn’t. Besides which, Jar Jar was supposed to be annoying. Mara was annoying even though she was supposed to be uberkewl, and there was an unsubtle attempt to put her in Leia’s place as the primary heroine in the NJO — Del Rey thought she was so overwhelmingly popular that people were asking “Leia who?” They thought wrong.

        And she will never, ever, EVER be a Skywalker. The idea of that name being bestowed on her is as revolting as her unearned title of Jedi master (not coincidentally handed to her at the same time Leia was demoted to “half trained and uncertain in the Force” — I have no doubt whatsoever that they would have had Mara, aka the poor man’s Leia, training Leia to be a Jedi in the subsequent arc, had there not been a huge fan backlash against Mara that started about halfway through the NJO). Leave that horrid thing on the never-existed trash heap where she belongs.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        And that’s your opinion, not a fact. Canon or not, Mara’s adventures have the Star Wars name on it. And since Star Wars males outnumber females in the movies, she was a welcome addition to the SWU for all the fangirls. Her characterization isn’t her fault, she was at the mercy of many writers. What your saying about her isn’t that different from what people say about Padme. And how do you know whether people hated her or not. Do you have proof? I’ve seen many fangirls cosplay as Mara.

      • maychild Says:

        How the authors wrote her is how she was. She was not a welcome addition to SW — she was not an addition to SW at all. And you pointing out she was female is another reason I can’t abide her — the implication, if not the outright statement, that you can’t dislike her because she’s female. It’s often accompanied by, “You just have a problem with strong women.” No, I do not have a problem with strong women, and I don’t consider her one anyway. I dislike her because she’s unpleasant and grating, but is still presented as an ideal that everyone loves.

        I imagine it isn’t hard to cosplay as Mara — all you’d have to do is look as cheap as possible.

        Okay, by my own bad judgment I’ve let this go on long enough. That’s it, no more. It’s off topic. I’m deleting any further comments.

  9. darth66zannah Says:

    The prequel trilogy had its run for a long time so I am not too upset that we are not being represented as much as the OT right now…the OT Is being promoted a lot because the The force awakens is a sequel to it…and the last episode of Rebels had a big reference to the clone wars lost missions…so it’s all good

    • M. Marshall Says:

      I’ve been in the Disney store and even when it has OT merchandise, it’s mostly focused on ep.IV. There’s not a lot of ep. V and VI merchandise.

    • discoewok Says:

      What darth66zannah said.

      And between the black series, legends figure line, lego, and random things like stickers I buy for my girls I can find cool PT stuff on the shelves. My problem is finding more Rebels figures!

      It’s all cyclical. It’s all good. 🙂

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