Breaking News: Prequel Basher Off Standalone Project

TFN has posted that screenwriter Gary Whitta is off the standalone film after turning in a draft and a new writer will be brought in. Filming is expected to start soon.

No reason is given as to why Whitta’s off the movie but based on his tweets it sort of sounds like he was contracted for a year and that was it. Perhaps the plan all along was to bring in a second screenwriter to polish it up; it doesn’t sound like he was unceremoniously shown the door. But on the other hand, maybe there were “creative differences,” i.e. they didn’t like what they saw a la the fate of the Michael Ardnt script for TFA. Or maybe somebody purchased a clue and thought it was a bad idea to bring on a guy who, under his own name, posted gems like “Those movies (the prequels) f***** sucked.” Who knows? All I can say is I hope that whoever is brought on board now respects George Lucas’s saga more than this jerk did. No more hate boys.

In closing, given that this first standalone is allegedly about Boba Fett, I have to laugh at one of his old signature lines from that incriminating message board, “No one cares about Boba Fett.”

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18 Responses to “Breaking News: Prequel Basher Off Standalone Project”

  1. BansheeGun Says:

    Never forget

  2. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Awesome news!

    And as a response to his statement that “no one cares about Boba Fett.”:

  3. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Dear Lucasfilm, Thank you for showing this individual the door. By having him on your payroll, you were owning his toxic statements about the founder of your company. Whitta should’ve been gone the moment his statements came to light (and especially when he tried to cover them up), but thank goodness he’s gone now. Please vet your future Star Wars creative partners a little more carefully in the future. Thanks you.

  4. slicer87 Says:


  5. Tony Ferris Says:

    Sounds like this guy just finished the work he was employed to do. It doesn’t sound as though he was fired. This is pretty common practice with regards studio movies, which anything Star Wars can now be called.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      He wasn’t fired, but he isn’t being asked to stay on the project, so it’s the same thing. He was likely contracted to deliver a first draft and a specified number of rewrites, but Disney/Lucasfilm is apparently not content with the progress so they’re bringing in a new writer. If they were shooting Whitta’s draft, they wouldn’t have made this announcement. He’d have been on the set alongside Edwards. The fact that he isn’t most likely means they’re going in a new direction.

      • BansheeGun Says:

        Whitta isn’t a very good writer anyway (IMO).

      • Tony Ferris Says:

        I wasn’t suggesting that his draft was going to production, just that ‘fired’ is probably a little strong.

        Whether it’s a case that they’re going in a new direction, or just that Whitta’s draft didn’t provide them with what they wanted is anybody’s guess. I like Edwards though, so this one might be interesting…

  6. Chris N. Says:

    He’s almost no different that Simon Pegg who trashed the prequels and its creator, got hired and payed by the person he bashed, and continues to do what he’s always done after the gig was over. Unfortunately there an high chance that he’ll have a role in Episode VII, thanks to his connection to JJ…

    • M. Marshall Says:

      His last Star Trek movie was voted as the worst ST movie of all time and he threw a big hissyfit. I think karma’s starting to kick in…

      • Tony Ferris Says:

        That did make me chuckle.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        And I LIKED “Into Darkness.” I just wish he’d extrapolate.

      • lisse Says:

        I cackled ngl. I find a lot of these types like Simon Pegg and Patton Oswalt repugnant and ~problematic ~ for other reasons . Their entitlement and rage about SW is just another, admittedly, far more shallow reason for me to side-eye them.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        And what’s really sad is that these two harpies are “Downton Abbey” fans. I didn’t think they’d have the brain power to appreciate such a sophisticated show.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        I honestly don’t follow or even care that much about either Pegg or Oswalt outside of their work, some of which I’ve even enjoyed. But from what little I have heard about them, their general attitudes toward geekdom do seem “problematic.”

        Pegg says that being a geek is about not caring what people think about you, and seeking escape in childish things. He’s posed for pictures where he’s playing with toys, which I presume to be a humorous expression of his views on geekiness.

        That’s not horrible in itself, but I think there’s a “dark side” to that which a lot of internet geeks don’t want to admit: That being a “geek” is often an excuse for being an obsessed, entitled jerk who refuses to grow up. If you want to enjoy geeky things like Star Wars and comic books, then go ahead. But you should strive to be a levelheaded and well-rounded adult as well. Someone who seeks knowledge and tries to conduct himself with intelligence and maturity, instead of trying to “escape” the adult world by getting too emotionally invested in frivolous fantasy subjects. Raging over fiction, something that Pegg has done, is something you won’t see in any normal public interaction.

        Oswalt has complained that being a geek isn’t the same nowadays, because now people can use things such as Google and Wikipedia to catch up on geek mythology. This is another problematic geek idea, that being a geek should be some kind of elite status reserved for old timers who spent too much time reading comics and watching TV episodes when they were first coming out. It’s playing gatekeeper to the fandom, being elitist and exclusive rather than welcoming toward younger fans who might have more important things to worry about than being the biggest fanboy ever.

        What it boils down to is grown men placing false importance on their entertainment and losing sight of the fact that it should all just be for fun. Treating geekiness as some kind of skill or accomplishment instead of the mere hobby that it ought to be. I’ve done that myself in years past, but now I think I’m way too old for that kind nonsense (and I’m only thirty). Guys like Pegg have even less of an excuse. When someone’s perspective is that skewed, it doesn’t surprise me when they indulge in nerd rage and lash out at people like George Lucas.

        Despite being the original creator and target of fan rage, George himself seems to have a much healthier mindset on things. As he’s gotten older, he’s stepped away from Star Wars to work on other passion projects, while also trying to put more focus on his new marriage and family. Funny how most of the people bashing him online don’t know how to do the same.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Well said, sir!

  7. darth66zannah Says:

    Good riddance…has anyone heard the Howard stern interview of JJ Abrams? It’s terrible Howard stern completely scorns the prequels openly in the interview…wisely JJ makes no comments acknowledging sterns statements but at the same time it would have been nice if he had at least stood up for them in some way…frustrating

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