Did The PT Make You A Fan?

Did the prequel trilogy make you a Star Wars fan? If so, please (right away) E-MAIL me at SWPASadmin@gmail.com.


19 Responses to “Did The PT Make You A Fan?”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Not e-mailing because I was already a fan. But I wanted to put it out there that it KEPT me a fan.

  2. Nobody Says:

    I emailed anyway. I think the PT making me double down on SW counts.

  3. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Like Adam Bram, I was already a SW fan before the releases of the PT movies. But the second trilogy made me an even bigger fan.

  4. piccolojr1138 Says:

    I e-mailed you !

    But I’m shocked because I’ve just learned that Nick Gillard is a fraud. Yes, all the prequels’ fights were done by CGI, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    “Abrams has stated that practical effects would be used heavily in the new movie instead of solely relying on CGI work, as did the George Lucas-directed prequels.

    Hiring the martial arts actors, who made Raid 2 one of the action movies of 2014, would be in line with that philosophy since much of the fighting action in the prequels was sadly done by CGI.”


  5. MindlessMonster Says:

    Return of the Jedi was my favorite as a kid, but AOTC is the film that immediately springs to mind when I think of Star Wars. The Prequels are the sole reason I continue to be a fan of the series.

  6. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Yep, they made me a fan. There originals on their own wouldn’t have been of much interest to me.

  7. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

    I’ve been a Star Wars fan for nearly 30 years. Needless to say, I was already a fan when Episode I opened in theatres. And it only reinforced my passion for this universe.

  8. lisse Says:

    I just emailed. I’d never seen any Star Wars movies until I saw RotS when I was a college student.

  9. Jim Raynor Says:

    I don’t technically count since I started with the Original Trilogy, but the prequels are a big part of why I’m a fan.

    I got into Star Wars around 1996 or 1997 when I was already in middle school, so I didn’t have the permanently imprinted ideas that many OT-only fans have. I didn’t have decades of nothing but the OT and my own fanfic/daydream ideas making up the entirety of “Star Wars” for me. CGI was normal by then, the Special Editions came out soon after, and I knew from almost the start that the Prequels were already on the way.

    People wrongfully criticize the Prequels as appealing to the kiddies, but they helped Star Wars grow up with me. TPM might be more fairly categorized as a children’s movie, but it still had things to say about unchecked corporations, institutional decline, and government dysfunction. AOTC and ROTS definitely weren’t kids only movies at all, and I really enjoyed the way they delved even deeper into the same themes mentioned above.

  10. smoothkaz Says:

    I was four years old when The Phantom Menace came out and I honestly can’t remember if I saw it before the Original Trilogy or not. All I remember is watching all four movies on VHS again and again, and being incredibly hyped for each subsequent movie. I read as many of the novels and comics I could and played the video games.
    When I was a kid, there was no Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy. There was no Expanded Universe. There was just Star Wars. It was one saga for me, and I try and look at it that way still. So yes, the prequels did get me into Star Wars, along with the OT and EU.

    I can’t help but view the prequels as something separate thanks to all the controversy, but I think I actually enjoy them now more than before because of it. It’s caused me to scrutinize them more, and I’ve discovered a lot of things that really make them special. There’s a lot of complex ideas and themes in there, and more subtlety than people believe. I can understand people’s complaints about them – I agree that there are many major flaws with them and they do deserve some criticsm, but they’ve gotten more than enough. It’s gotten to the point where A. People talk like they’re legitimately the worst movies ever made, despite being lightyears better than 99% of the crap Hollywood puts out, and B. I feel like a big chunk of the hate is just bandwagoning. I’m willing to bet there are people who loved them when they came out, but switched sides in recent years. I’ve seen it happen with my friends

    It still hurts when I go through the comments on the official Star Wars Facebook page’s post and it seems like 90% are prequel hatred, but I’m glad they continue to post about them despite it. I do take comfort that here’s still a small and less vocal but very devoted chunk of fans who appreciate them though. I know the general public seems to enjoy them as well. I doubt it will ever happen, but I hope that one day, more fans will be able to recognize just how many good points I-III have – far more than bad as far as I’m concerned.

    • lisse Says:

      I especially agree with the second paragraph of your comment. The criticisms has forced me to take a closer look at the prequels and appreciate it even more. It’s not perfect and there are things I would change, but there’s literally not any media I wouldn’t feel that way about.

      Tumblr has been a godsend in finding groups of ardent fans who write, art, and meta about the prequels.

  11. Aeryn Says:

    Just emailed her my answers! I started with the OT but it was the prequels that kept me a fan.

  12. Nick Skywalker Says:

    It’s a long and complicated answer but technically yes. I always knew of SW and had an interest in it (I bought one of the SW encyclopedia books when I was a kid and I had ROTJ on DVD and had seen bits and pieces of the films on Spike so I had a general knowledge) but what really fueled my interest in viewing them all once more some years later was admittedly Anakin/Padme :p. Shameless A/P shipper right here!

    Been a die hard fan ever since.

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