The Plot Thickens

A Salina Nguyen noticed an interesting response on Instagram to Matt Lanter’s post about recording as Anakin yesterday:

So, was James Arnold Taylor recording some Obi-Wan dialogue?

And what was Ashley Eckstein doing poking around Lucasfilm yesterday? Sure it might be Her Universe business stuff…but maybe it wasn’t.



7 Responses to “The Plot Thickens”

  1. Daniel Savard Says:

    This is seems almost too good to be true…

  2. Mindless droid Says:

    I saw the Ashley Eckstein pic and thought it a coincidence now with James added in one has to wonder. If Dee tweets something then all bets are off LOL. Really hope it’s something Clone Wars but not getting my hopes up to much.

  3. Firebird2110 Says:

    … and when things seem to good too be true they usually are. Fear that it might just be stuff for that other show 😦

  4. madmediaman Says:

    I’m gong out on a limb here. My guess is due to the popularity of Clone Wars on Netflix (when it debuted it was the most viewed TV series on Netflix for almost an entire month), and sales of the Blu-Ray/DVD set for Lost Missions (which were rumored to be pretty good); that someone in Disney’s Home Video department bought a clue and suggested finishing an arc or two and releasing them on direct to home video.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      If the direct-to-video release (or whatever is planned) is successful enough, who knows: maybe an animated movie concluding The Clone Wars will be greenlighted?

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