T-Shirt Alert

WeLoveFine has a new General Grievous (mens) t-shirt available.

Plus there’s this clone ‘n Yoda themed “ugly sweater” that’s apparently selling like hotcakes.

As long as we’re in the Christmas spirit, here’s “Jango Bells” from TeeFury.

Aaand, for all of you bucket head fans, here is Tom Hodges’s design for Tee Republic. Show everyone how up to date you are with clonetrooper/stormtrooper helmets at every phase from AOTC to TFA.

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One Response to “T-Shirt Alert”

  1. Tarrlok Says:

    It would seem appropriate if trooper Finn were to modify and customise his armour as TFA and the ST go on. As he becomes less of an Imperial drone and more of a rebuilder of the Republic, he would then adopt the more individualistic approach to armour taken by the Old Republic’s ill-fated armoured defenders.

    Just a thought brought on by the new trooper hero of the ST and his connections to the clones of the Clone Wars. I’m seriously considering getting Tom Hodges’ shirt.

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