Catching Up: Simpson Post & More Lost Missions Video

You can check out a Lost Missions Q&A video about Syfo Dias and the Sith here….this is where Filoni mentions Sidious had Dooku and Maul as apprentices at the same time.

Plus there’s a great post I kept forgetting to mention from Christian J. Simpson, the actor who worked on TPM and ROTS as a background player and as a stand-in. In it he shares Yoda’s lessons as applied to working on a Star Wars film, including a funny anecdote about how Hayden got that kid to jump back as Anakin turns on his lightsaber of doom in ROTS.

Oh, yeah one more thing. Artist Chris Trevas noted that in a children’s book he worked on in 1999 featuring lil’ Anakin and Jar Jar, there’s a character named Finn, which just so happens to be the name of John Boyega’s character in TFA. Must be a popular name in the GFFA ;).

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2 Responses to “Catching Up: Simpson Post & More Lost Missions Video”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Hayden roared at the little boy and it scared everyone on set… and they say Hayden Christensen’s a bad actor. Heh.

  2. Tarrlok Says:

    Christian Simpson’s accounts definitely brought back memories of rifling through TFN’s spoiler dumps and’s databank in search of ROTS spoilers back in 2004. Hayden Christensen seemed to have an excellent working relationship with Simpson (and McDiarmid, McGregor, Lucas, Gillard… pretty much everyone). Great stuff, and good on Simpson for successfully branching out into publishing a novel.

    The TCW Season 6 (to hell with their “Lost Missions” label of shame) Q&A session videos keep rolling in. I hope this isn’t a sign that Disney are already cooling on Rebels after all the work that Filoni and company put into it, and mere tidbits don’t satisfy my desire for more TCW.

    However, it’s excellent to see all the thought that Filoni has put into this. Leland Chee knows his stuff and Tom Kane and Matt Lanter are clearly very enthusiastic about the show and their characters. These videos are much appreciated, similar to the episode commentary videos that Filoni used to have on They’re much appreciated looks into the development process of TCW, and they cast a good light on the writers’ collaboration with Lucas.

    Sidious having Maul and Tyrannus as apprentices at the same time during TPM does make some sense, given the timing. However, wouldn’t it make sense for Qui-Gon’s death to have a part in Dooku’s fall and defection? Or is Dooku different from Anakin in that he’s more of a cold-hearted b****** who wouldn’t care if his old apprentice died? Does he even have a good relationship with Qui-Gon like the latter has with Obi-Wan?

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