Throwback Thursday: TPM Teaser Trailer

16 years and one week ago today, the most anticipated trailerever debuted at 75 theaters, on t.v., and on the internet.

Will history be repeated tomorrow? Stay tuned…


5 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: TPM Teaser Trailer”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Well I saw the teaser trailer for episode 7. Practical effects my foot!

  2. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    Wow, I remember copying this onto VHS from Entertainment Tonight and watching it over and over.

    This trailer was so effective in conveying the tone and look of the film and dangling all of those intriguing story threads in front of our faces. We all were left wanting more!

    It was distinctly Start Wars, yet all new. That’s what makes the prequels so great. The characters and story, while somewhat familiar, weren’t copies of what came before.

    No prequel character ever says the word “yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaw!” because it would not have been true to who they were.

    So the circle is now complete. We have all met here again for the first time, for the last time. The apprentices are now the masters.

    Will the new preview make us all feel like we’ve lost our virginity again? Or will our experience be like the Germans who dared look inside the Ark of the Covenant?

    The Episode I trailer does prove that usually previews don’t lie.

    Every journey has a first step…

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