Updates On AOTC 3D & ROTS 3D

Jason Ward at Making Star Wars.net got to check out AOTC in 3D over the weekend and posted some video of Dennis Muren introducing the film.

Ward also tweeted today that Muren mentioned ROTS’s conversion to 3D had been completed, they made Anakin’s red Sith eyes extra creepy, and he thinks that sometime after TFA comes out, we’ll see it. Personally I’m a bit more skeptical that we’ll see it any time soon after TFA’s release, with a full slate of new material Disney will want us to see first.


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13 Responses to “Updates On AOTC 3D & ROTS 3D”

  1. J.Bradley Says:

    Supposedly they were going to make an announcement about their 3D release plans in ’15. Perhaps this screening and podcast is the beginning of a leading up to that announcement.

  2. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    We have to wait until “after” TFA

  3. Nobody Says:

    Does this mean that both AOTC and ROTS would be released in 3D after TFA, or just ROTS?

    • J.Bradley Says:

      I’ve always just figured we wouldn’t see a 3D theatrical release of all nine episodes until sometime in the early ’20’s. They’ll release Eps 7-9 here in the next few years in 3D, then they’ll wait a few years after the last one and then have some big multi – month or all-at-once engagement of the whole saga.
      UNLESS they just decide to release the pre-existing six episodes on 3D blu ray and be satisfied they’re out there that way and that’s it.
      Maybe they’ll even capitulate to all these completionists wanting the unaltered, old sfx ’77, ’80 and ’83 versions ( but still all hi def, brushed up, enhanced and cleaned up) and they’ll stick those on a 3D blu ray set somewhere in the supplements.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      There was already some speculation here on SWPAS that the 3D re-release of the movies was postponed because of the distribution rights that Fox still holds… And since Disney and Fox are not best friends at the moment (at least that’s what I have read – caused among other things because of the X-Men movie rights), the two studios have not come to an agreement yet. Instead, Disney probably decided to wait for re-releases until Fox’s distribution rights run out. (However, this will probably never happen for ANH, where Fox owns the rights forever.)

      Take these thoughts with a grain of salt, and correct me if I am wrong. šŸ™‚

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Argh, some serious English errors here – I am sorry.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        How ugly are things with Fox? So ugly Marvel just put out an issue of “Punisher” where the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot is blown up. Yeah, they went there.

  4. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I’m just glad to know Disney went ahead and did the conversion on ROTS after the sale from Lucas. If nothing else, it’s evidence that, no, they aren’t going to “Song of the South” the PT.

  5. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I should also say it’s great to hear the great Dennis Muren talking with pride about the artistic accomplishments of the PT. I love how he reminds people of how George pushed the boundaries of the art and was a pioneer on these films. I laughed when he started dismissing filmmakers (cough** JJ ) who get on their high horse about shooting on film stock.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I can only talk about my experience with digital/analogue photography (where I am an amateur at best) and some stuff I have read on the internet…
      I think the following: anyone who dismisses digital filmmaking/photography because only “analogue is the real deal” is IMHO missing the point completely. Digital photography has given a HUGE amount of new possibilites to photographers. (Digital post-processing allows for correction of lens errors, correction of converging verticals, RAW shooting allows for white balancing in post-processing… not to forget that you can save hundreds of photos on an SD card, even when using RAW.) Still, there is no real reason NOT to shoot on film if you prefer that. Maybe you like the grained look, maybe you just can handle negatives better, maybe because you get the largest possible resolution… It’s a matter of artistic decision and what you prefer to work with.

      The same probably also applies to shooting movies digitally or on film stock. Directors like David Fincher prefer shooting on video because they know that the movie will look identical in every correctly calibrated movie theater, i.e. they have full control of the picture quality. Directors like Christopher Nolan prefer film, I think because Nolan loves IMAX (highest possible resolution and image quality if done properly) and because he knows how to calibrate a projector if he is not satisfied with the screening etc. Not to forget Quentin Tarantino who loves the “used look” (grindhouse look?) of analogue projection. And maybe JJ has also decided to use film because it is the medium he has more experience with.

      To sum up: there is far less “right/wrong” with “analogue vs digital” than some claim there is. And to be clear, I do not see a real reason why SW *HAS* to be shot on film. On the contrary, GL had good reasons to push digital filmmaking. BTW, which prequel was mainly shot on film and is still dismissed by the hateboys as worst movie ever while they can at least partially accept one of the prequels that was shot on video? Yeah, shooting a movie on film makes a movie automatically better… (I am deliberately sarcastic here, but I do not like the whole “old school fx! puppets! shot on film!” stuff that “indicate that JJ gets it and is making a real SW movie while GL has lost its way in 1981…”)

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        I agree with everything you said. Digital is a paintbrush. It has pros and cons. I guarantee that if JJ said he was shooting on film but secretly shot on digital that every hateboy would STILL claim the picture quality was somehow better. I would bet a sack full of credits that JJ doesn’t personally care about film vs. digital, but he’s smart enough to know how it helps him in terms of PR.

      • PrinceOfNaboo Says:

        True. And I always want to believe that this is soooo obvious and everybody should be adult enough to say: “Each to their own.”.

        Every now and then, though, there is a “film director” who feels the need to proclaim how happy/glad/etc. he is that another director also shoots on film and isn’t one of those “digital directors”.

        I don’t understand it, but even popular directors do that. On the contrary, ‘ve never heard a George Lucas or David Fincher or James Cameron saying they’re happy another guys also shoots digitally. They just happy with their own technique.

  6. madmediaman Says:

    This would ultimately be a Fox decision through 2020 as they own the distribution rights. I always wondered why they never followed through with AOTC, but then it made sense… there’s no reason to promote a product you no longer own.

    But now with TFA coming out there’s a motive… more money for Fox. A staggered re-release of the PT in 3-D could be very lucrative for Fox, as would a theatrical re-release of the entire Saga. But if you are Fox you would definitely want to wait until Disney fired first.

    No reason to promote the upcoming films for them, but there’s plenty of reason to jump on board after the fact. Millions of reasons, actually…

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