Is There A Mace Movie On The Way?

Making Star posted a screen cap of a Reddit AMA session with director A.J. Edwards. Someone had asked about rumors he may direct a spinoff movie and his reply was “talking about it, not able to say a lot yet” and then he posted, “It will focus on Mace Windu.”

Kind of a strange, unexpected answer, no? The question is, was he kidding or will we see the further adventures of the baddest mofo on the Council?


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11 Responses to “Is There A Mace Movie On The Way?”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    I don’t see the point if this was a joke; my guess is there’s some truth behind it. Depending on what the premise of the film is, this could be quite an effective spinoff. Samuel L. has some serious acting chops on top of an undeniable screen presence. I see it as being one of four options if the film is based on Mace:
    1. An origin story, in which case they might show Windu’s early days/training etc.
    2. An inbetween-quel sometime between Episodes I-III detailing some mission/adventure personally undertaken by Mace.
    3. …Or, Mace survived the event of Episode III and the film will focus on him in exile post-Episode III, possibly showing a confrontation with Vader hunting him down and “eliminating’ him once and for all. Hey, if Maul can survive bisection, literally anything is possible in that galaxy far, far away…
    4. Not only did Mace survive, but he’s alive around the time of Episode VII and his story somehow ties into the new trilogy. (I find this option the least likely as these spinoffs are (as far as we know) not directly connected to the core episodic saga.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Mace Windu would be pretty darn old by the time of the ST! I think it would likely be an origin story or a post ROTS story where, like you said, he survives but goes underground until Vader finishes the job or something. Or maybe as one guy suggested on the SWPAS Facebook page, it’ll be a Mace ‘n Yoda adventure tale.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Hasn’t Samuel L. Jackson once (jokingly) suggested the return of Mace as a cyborg? “I am back. If electrocuting did not kill me, it only made me stronger. And now I want this m*********ing Sith out of my m*********ing Republic!”

      • lazypadawan Says:

        That would be the best line ever. Even if it meant getting the R-rating. Then when they redub the movie for t.v., it’ll be “I want this Monday to Friday Sith out of my Monday to Friday Republic!”

  2. M. Marshall Says:

    There’s also this crazy rumor:

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Let’s be honest, the snippet of the press release is everything but professional. “Hey, we bring him back, but we know you hated him. Yes, we will finally and officially acknowledge that the Prequels suck.”
      That said, should it be true, I will say what I have never intended to say: “Shut up and take my money.”

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        I think an official press release would begin with something like “we are pleased to announce that Hayden Christensen will be part of ‘The Force Awakens’ “. Even announcements for B movies do not begin with an apology for a casting.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It would be great if it was true, but I’m very skeptical.

    • piccolojr1138 Says:

      This website is a joke… Look at the other articles 🙂

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