Kyle Newman On “The Comlink”

Kyle Newman appeared as a guest on The Comlink this past week, where he got to talk about all things Star Wars. This is the extended 45-minute interview.


9 Responses to “Kyle Newman On “The Comlink””

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Well that was a refreshing, enlightening, perceptive video.

    • Nobody Says:

      Yeah, save for the “PMSNBC” line. Granted, I’m a viewer, and yeah, I get annoyed by the anti-Prequel digs. But that seems a pretty crass, sexist joke, even if you’re on the right wing (I have no idea what Newman’s politics are, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was purely a SW thing).

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Oh, I’m a woman and I totally missed that. But compared to some of the nastier things geeks are saying against women nowadays, I think I can let this slide.

      • Nobody Says:

        I’m not sure I can be so forgiving, if for no other reason than when you actually try to say it out loud, it’s surprisingly awkward sounding.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Maybe MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis NBC?

      • Nobody Says:

        I just mean that when you say it ordinarily, MSNBC begins with an emphasis on the M. When you say PMS, the emphasis is on the P. Therefore, to say it aloud you either have to put the emphasis on the P, or both that and the M, which kinda destroys the flow you need to hear the joke. It’s something that works better written than spoken.

        Granted, I’m an MSNBC junkie, so part of this just irritates me on that level. About on even level to the Prequel disses on MSNBC itself.

      • BansheeGun Says:

        Oh, come on. Kyle Newman isn’t sexist, he just said 30 minuets prior that Hollywood doesn’t have enough female leads and Barely Lethal is meant to have a more female driven cast (His new movie).

        MSNBC always seems to overreact to certain situations. Need I remind you of the infamous “Thrill running up my led” skit? I watch MSNBC and Fox on occasion and believe me when I say the news reporting from MSNBC is far more ridiculous.

  2. discoewok Says:

    What a great interview. It’s so refreshing to hear an unapologetic prequel fan. This led me to the older link of him railing on the Forcecast about prequel haters. That made my day. I like this guy!

  3. lovelucas Says:

    I haven’t visited TFN in ages but there is an incredible thread showing examples of practical effects in the prequels and includes blue screen on …. ROTJ! Before the link – here’s a great quote: Makes me wonder what they mean when they’re saying the ST will rely less on CGI than the PT.

    I think they are lying to please the fanboys and hateboys. This threads proves it is easy to fool them.

    I’ve suspected from the start that they’ve been saying these things just to appease the “general audience”
    They’d be surprised how many PT/overall saga lovers there are out there, it’s just somehow the haters have louder voices… Go see the cool pix! and great conversation defending the prequels. Yay! We are not alone.

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