Bay Area Opportunity To See AOTC 3D

If you live in the San Francisco/Oakland metro region, you have a golden opportunity to see AOTC in 3D on the afternoon of November 23!

The Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, CA has been honoring visual effects king Dennis Muren this month with a series of screenings of films he’d worked on or inspired him, hosted by the man himself. Muren supervised AOTC’s conversion to 3D so that’s why it’s on the schedule. Tickets are on sale now. Tickets are $11 apiece for adults.



4 Responses to “Bay Area Opportunity To See AOTC 3D”

  1. madmediaman Says:

    Man, wish I had the free time. Unfortunately I doubt we will ever see AOTC 3-D get a proper release. Hopefully it will get an airing during Star Wars Celebration.

  2. BansheeGun Says:

    Are you gonna make the trek there, LP?

  3. M. Marshall Says:

    *Sigh*. I cannot see this or “The Thief of Baghdad.” I live in the Bay Area but not in San Francisco. Taking the BART, and possibly a bus, will cost time and money. Plus the time and day is inconvenient as I am always busy on Sundays. Saturdays would’ve been a better choice.

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