Ask SWPAS 11/13/14

From jarjarbacktattooguy

How likely do you think it is that Mortis and the legacy and mystery of The Ones will figure into The Force Awakens?

Would you consider making posts or a new page dedicated to other underappreciated Lucas films?

How about:

The Willow Appreciation Society

The Captain Eo Appreciation Society

The Maniac Mansion (TV series) Appreciation Society

The Land Before Time Appreciation Society

What, no Tucker Appreciation Society?? I only have 24 hours in a day and not much to spare aside from Star Wars.

As for your question on Mortis and TFA, I’ll be shocked (in a good way) if it figures into the film. I don’t know if they’ll go there with the kind of people working on the film. Lucas definitely would though.

From BansheeGun

Question: Where were you when you heard the news of The Clone Wars’ cancellation and what was your immediate reaction?

Also: What sites do you consider “Pro-Prequel” vs. the “Anti-Prequel”?

I was on the internet and I’d been hearing from other sources the cancellation was coming days before it was announced. Rebel Force Radio was the first to warn people Disney suits wanted to ax the show and like many fans, I didn’t really believe it at first but then I heard from Bryan Young that the rumor was true. I tried to rally the troops here to write in ASAP to convince Disney to change its mind but obviously the cake was already baked. As you might imagine, I was furious but less so with Disney than with the fan base that was at least at first taking it lying down.

The blogroll sites are pretty pro-PT, which is why they are linked. As far as news sites go, I think Coffee With Kenobi, Making Star, and Furious Fanboys are varying degrees of PT friendly. TFN’s editorial isn’t anti-PT anymore but there are yucky bashers who are all over the Disqus comments. I have mixed feelings about Jedi News in terms of tone/content, but it’s not anti-PT overall.

From peacetrainjedi:

Do you think there’s a possibility that George Lucas might once again write (or direct) a Star Wars or Indiana Jones film even though he’s sold the company and has supposedly retired from blockbuster film-making?

Besides Anakin/Vader, is there any villain from the Star Wars saga that you sympathize with (or secretly root for) when watching the films?

It may not be likely but as long as Lucas is living and breathing, it’s always a possibility. Seeing other people in his sandbox might make him itchy to come back.

I’d have to say I kinda like Jango Fett. He’s ruthless, cunning, and has no problem with whacking someone yet there’s this part of him that wants somebody he could love and would love him back.

And now a spoilerific Ep. 7 question from Daniel Xie:

What do you think of the rumors of Luke going over to the Dark Side and becoming the villain?

Context is everything but I’m not fond of the idea of Luke becoming the heavy.


17 Responses to “Ask SWPAS 11/13/14”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    I quite like the idea of a Tucker Appreciation Society! 🙂 Or possibly one for everyone’s favorite talking duck…

    I know some of the late EU works used a bit from Mortis, but I don’t think the new films will. Although in live action, the inclusion of Mortis would make for some killer visuals on-screen.

    I’ve always liked Jango (and young Boba) too. Jango’s line about just being a simple man trying to make his way in the universe speaks volumes. The Boba episodes from The Clone Wars are some of my favorites because a part of me roots for the little guy, even though I know he is “the villain” our heroes have to defeat.

    • M. Marshall Says:

      And how many major films have Pacific Islanders in important roles (besides The Rock’s movies)?

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        You’re absolutely right! Temuera Morrison is an awesome and gifted actor (one of my all-time favorites), and Daniel Logan plays the role of his younger clone quite well. Having a bit of Maori blood running through my own veins, it pleases me to no end that Tem and Daniel landed some of the biggest roles in sci-fi history when George cast them in Attack of the Clones. I just hope Disney casts Tem or Daniel (why not both?!) for any and all spinoffs/adventures featuring Boba or Jango Fett.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Let’s also not forget Jay La’gaia who played Captain Typho!

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        The whole Australian influence made II & III so unique.

        The British actors in Star Wars had traditionally been associated with the Empire or Republic and not the indigenous populations of the different planets. That was changed with the introduction of the Aussie accents in AOTC and it would be nice to see that continue in the sequels.

        Plus, the audience got to meet all these great Oz actors that we may have never heard of otherwise. Afterall, most Americans can’t even find Australia on the map.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Now, now, I can find Australia just fine!

        It’s hard to imagine Rose Byrne or Joel Edgerton having a profile outside of the Aussie film/t.v. industry without their being in the prequels.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Yeah, how can anyone miss a landmass that’s a country, island and a continent?!

        It also helped that audiences got exposure to New Zealand through “Hercules”, “Xena”, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the “Aussie Posse” that shot to stardom in 2000-2001.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        Abel Tasman purportedly missed Australia in his grand voyage of exploration. He made contact with NZ, though.

        Yeah, the PT was pretty good on the diversity front. The second-in-command of the entire Jedi Order was a black man. The royals of Alderaan, the adopted parents of Princess Leia, were tan-skinned Latinos. The clone troopers, those epoch-defining warriors first mentioned in ANH, whose very nature continues to be the subject of vibrant debate, were Maori.

        Jango Fett remains one of my favourite Star Wars characters. Boba Fett captivated me a few years before AOTC came out and I still love the character, but Jango surpassed his son for me.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        Jango Fett is a character that is actually developed and plays an integral part in the saga…yet his popularity is overshadowed by Boba’s role in ESB.

        Boba Fett (in ESB and ROTJ) is not an important character, has no character arc, and is basically just a big goon in a dope, fly ass costume.

        I am tired of seeing all the Boba merchandise everywhere. He is the Yoko Ono or Courtney Love of Star Wars.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Hey, hey, hey! Leave Yoko Ono out of this! She didn’t break up The Beatles, they were ready to break up any way. Nancy Spungen is a better choice than Yoko.

      • Nobody Says:

        Yoko Ono is awesome.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Perhaps we can all agree Heather Mills is the worst Beatles wife ever…

        Nancy Spungen in many ways filled the Rock ‘N Roll Girlfriend From Hell role. She fed into Sid’s ego and enabled his junk habit just as he enabled hers, which exacerbated the tensions within the band as well as between the band and Malcolm McLaren. I know John Lydon blamed her for a lot of what happened. But Spungen was severely mentally ill and had a boatload of personality disorders to go with it. That wave of punk was destined to burn out and Spungen was destined for prison, institutionalization, or an early grave. She got choice “C.”

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Yeah, I agree with the Heather Mills part. At least Ono is working to preserve her husband’s legacy. Maybe Kathleen Kennedy can take a few pointers from her.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      Howard the Duck, unlike the prequels, probably deserves the poor reputation it has.

      Unfortunate, since it’s historically important as the first major motion picture based on a Marvel Comics character.

      Great visual effects, score, action scenes, and the animatronic duck costume was just fantastic and still hold up well today.

      The big problem is the tone and the script. It’s one of the most manic big budget films ever. Just way too many one-liners. It’s hard to ever invest anything in the dramatic or suspenseful moments in the picture when the characters just never stop spouting silly one-liners all the time.

      I think the original concept may have been to do a sci-fi version of Ghostbusters. However, it comes off as more of a parody of a film like that. I know the comic book had satirical elements, but not this type of satire.

      I am unaware of what (if any) input Lucas had on the film. I no longer have my old Starlog issues with articles on the film and there really isn’t that much info online.

      I think Lucas was trying to help out Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz. However it doesn’t seem like a Lucas script at all, so I doubt he had much say on the actual script. A film like Willow, on the other hand, clearly has Lucas’ fingerprints all over it.

      Anyway, thanks SWPAS, for answering my oddball questions once again. You are the Yarael Poof to us prequel padawans. I am still hoping that Mortis and the Ones (or similar concepts) are touched upon in the sequels. If the ST is to be the true conclusion to the saga it is going to have to answer a lot of questions and wrap everything up.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I’m in total agreement with your last sentence. It would be strange to introduce all of those concepts about the Force in Clone Wars and then never use them.

        “Howard the Duck” is not a good movie in my opinion–too many eye-rolling lines and it was never sure if it was a movie meant for kids or adults–but the animatronics were ahead of their time and I’ve seen much worse. From what I understand, Lucas was a big fan of the comic and wanted to bring it to the big screen but aside from that he supplied the label and the money. It was largely Huyck and Katz’s doing.

  2. BansheeGun Says:

    I liked your point about Jango Fett! Frankly, he’s a very underrated character in the SW universe (Same with Zam Wesell). I still love his origin story from the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter video game for the PS2 (If that ever got a remake, I would die of pure joy).

    Also: Thanks for answering my question 🙂

  3. Brian47 Says:

    Not sure if you guys already spotted this today, but there is a nice interview with Kyle Newman on the Comlink. It’s a long interview covering various topics, but Kyle’s comments on the overall saga, both prequel and original trilogies, are very insightful. Worth a look!

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