Why I Love Episode II

Matril is back with another LiveJournal post, “Why I Love Episode II.”

I like Anakin and Padmé’s romance. A lot of their dialogue is kind of goofy, but I think it suits their characters. Padmé has been surrounded by well-speaking politicians her whole life. She would find it refreshing for someone to talk to her in stumbling, uncertain in-eloquence, wouldn’t she? They’re both of them socially weird. Padmé started training to serve in the political arena before she was even a teenager. Her last kiss was when she was twelve, and it was quite a short-lived romance since they parted ways to pursue different career paths. At age twelve. Anakin, meanwhile, spent his childhood as a slave before being sequestered within the Jedi Order and trained to cut off all connections to everyone and everything. It’s going to be an awkward courtship; there’s just no way around it.


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4 Responses to “Why I Love Episode II”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    One of the reasons why I liked the Anakin/Padme romance so much is that it wasn’t a remake of the Leia/Han romance. I’m not a fan of unoriginality. Furthermore, their romance was true to their personalities and their experiences.

    But I love “ATTACK OF THE CLONES” more than the other Prequel movies and just as much as “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK” because it struck me as being the kind of complex and epic films that I tend to favor.

  2. james Says:

    I love all od ep I II III and Episode II carries a special place in my heart. I may enjoy III slightly more but II is the last episode to realy carry more fun with only a serious under tone. While III is completly serious II has the jokes love and spirit. Anakin and Pademe for me always worked better the Leia and solo. They just seem more in love, it just seems more true, they realy are perfect for eachother, its Palpetine that makes it seem otherwise, by driving holes in their trust. That secret tore them apart too, it makes it so sad.

  3. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone who speaks put positively about Ep. I – IIII, and this is not directed at Matril.

    That said, I’m not very pleased how haters have definitely managed to bring what’s supposed to be “bad” about those films into almost everyone’s consciousness – even those who like the films

    Is there any review for TPM, which doesn’t acknowledge the Jar Jar hate in some way or the “disappointment” that supposedly accompanied the film? Is there any – positive or negative – review for AOTC, which doesn’t address the A/P dialogue in some way?

    There is nothing wrong with that, although it gives haters way too much credit. I just feel that we should stop “defending” the PT and start praising the films. There is no need to restrict ourself to position of defence, let’s start to attack!

  4. lovelucas Says:

    AotC is my favorite. There – I said it. I also invested more in this film than any other. Has everything to do with the relationship of Anakin and Padmé and her home planet. But I also really liked the mystery of Kamino and Obi-Wan’s mission there – a film noir detective. AotC is an old-fashioned romance – as in the romantic age and this is possibly the key to prequel hate… They wanted Han and Leia and comedy and a feisty back-and-forth dialogue with snap . This isn’t the story of the prequels – it’s the beginning of the end and it’s a tragedy. So, yes, I really love it and I love it the most because there’s still hope.

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