Why I Love Episode I

Matril, who’s on my LiveJournal friends list, has been posting why she loves each Star Wars film. Today, she got around to TPM. Here’s an excerpt:

I like that Anakin is an innocent little kid. It sets up his downfall much more subtly than if he were a punk who liked shoplifting and pushing old ladies. Why would we care about Anakin’s downfall if he started out bad? And the fact that he’s at such a vulnerable age explains a lot. He’s old enough to have formed a powerful bond with his mother, but young enough that he’s not really ready to be separated from her. Because of his huge potential and the possibility that he’s the Chosen One, Qui-Gon thinks it’s worth it to make an exception. And maybe he’s right. But the situation is so far from ideal. And I know that child actors can have uneven performances, but there’s some moments from Jake Lloyd that, I think, are pitch-perfect. When he says goodbye to his mother, it gets me every time.

While you’re there, you can check out her other posts on the saga.


One Response to “Why I Love Episode I”

  1. james Says:

    SWEET! This film needs all the love it can get. I notice some people are a bit more tolerant of it nowadays, but only a bit. I love it, it perfectly sets up everything to come and I cant understand all the hate it gets. Everytime one of these defence articals come out I feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

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