Coffee With Kenobi Interview With Catherine Taber

Coffee With Kenobi podcast #25 features an interview with Clone Wars alumna Catherine Taber. I have not had time to listen to it yet but have seen the raves from fans who loved what she had to say about Padmé and her relationship with Anakin. If you’re specifically interested in the interview, it’s about an hour into the show.


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3 Responses to “Coffee With Kenobi Interview With Catherine Taber”

  1. Aeryn Says:

    There’s some audio issues partway through her interview, but you still hear plenty of good stuff. In addition to her comments about A/P (she refers to them as having a “really, really, really deep love” and the fan notion of Anakin not really loving Padmé as “insane”) and Clovis, I love her comments about Padmé being that rare female hero who can be both kick-butt AND feminine. She’s a great ambassador for her character and the saga in general.

  2. Brian McVickar Says:

    Good interview for sure, I was happy to hear her thoughts on Padme, her role and characteristics, plus the tragedy of her death in Episode III.

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