Avengers 2 Flick Has Way More VFX Than Any PT Film

The iconoclasts at Furious Fanboys have pointed out an interesting factoid about the upcoming “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.” The film is expected to have 3000 visual effects, likely most of them CG.

Meanwhile ROTS had 2151 vfx shots and not all of them were CG.

Episode VII is expected to have five vfx shots, all done with Play-Doh, pie tins, wire, and paper ;).


9 Responses to “Avengers 2 Flick Has Way More VFX Than Any PT Film”

  1. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

    The Avengers movies also happen to be directed by Joss Whedon, who had the nerve to say Empire Strikes Back had a bad ending (in other words, I love the man for speaking his mind and not being afraid of knocking Empire).


  2. buick runner Says:


  3. madmediaman Says:

    Well, with so many effects shots, especially CG, it must be terrible, right?

    • M. Marshall Says:

      I thought the first Avengers movie was terrible. Plot holes, a weak villain, lack of chemistry and cooperation between the heroes, forced jokes (“I understood that reference!”), only three girls in an entire cast of males… all done up with CGI!

  4. Aeryn Says:

    LOL! And of course the fanboys will praise the revolutionariness of every single one.

    Re: Whedon – I’ll always love Buffy, but he knocks Empire’s ending because it’s a cliffhanger? Eh? Has he forgotten the final scene of his own series, “Angel”? Way darker/more cliffhangery than ESB. (Essentially, the 4 surviving, bloodied heroes are literally backed into a dark, rain-soaked alley against a massive army of demons.) If I give him brownie points for anything, it’s referencing “midi-chlorians” in a line of Buffy, but even that’s cancelled out by another Buffy reference to something as “Boring. Episode I-boring.”

    • Jim Raynor Says:

      To be fair to Whedon, he gave his opinion on TESB years after Angel ended. I’m fine with him having an opinion, especially when he’s been critical of his own work before (he called his writing in the first Avengers, which most people loved, “haphazard”).

      Gotta agree that it’s refreshing to see that he can express his own opinion on TESB instead of just falling in line with the fanboy consensus that it must be worshipped uncritically.

  5. Jim Raynor Says:

    The use of CGI in the prequels is one of the things that irks me the most about online nitpicking. It really shows the big gulf between the Internet critics, and the actual filmmakers and audiences.

    It’s such an unfair double standard to bash the use of CGI, and it’s completely nonsensical as well. Movies are being made now with such budgets and VFX that the SW prequels look quaint in comparison. People eat this stuff up, and filmmakers love to use it.

    Look at the Age of Ultron trailer hat just came out yesterday. Ultron, the Hulk, etc are all CGI and for good reason. No man in a costume or real animatronic puppet can be over 8 feet tall and move with such power and fluidity. That’s the versatility that CGI gives you over older, virtually extinct types of special effects.

    Prequel bashers love to post pictures of the SW actors in front of blank green screens, as if George Lucas is some kind of unreasonable freak for expecting them to act in such circumstances. Yet you can easily Google up green screen pics of the Marvel actors as well, even for scenes in realistic settings like the streets of New York. It just makes a lot more sense to CGI the background instead of closing down and blowing up real city streets.
    You’ll never, ever hear anyone demanding real “practical” effects in other blockbusters though, because “practical” effects are actually quite impractical in many situations. This is just a weird obsession specific to a vocal minority of older SW fans.

    • Obi-Rob Says:

      Thank you!

      See this is the kind of rationality and TRUTH you wont ever see on BULLSHIT sites like reddit and other “geek media” type of sites.

      WE ARE THE STAR WARS FANS! Not these pretentious hipsters circle jerking OT spam and anti-George Lucas, anti- Saga mentality.

      Its ignorant people saying “its cool and hip to be ignorant and stubborn like us” and its also a mob mentality.

      We were always the true SW fans. The attackers and bashers and hipsters were the ones who never got it, never understood and never new. They were and are the true noobs because they were the ones who fell hard into the ignorant anti-SW trend in the early 2000s.

      And its only pathetic that they still seem to try so hard to deny it.

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