Undeniable Fact About ROTS #5: Camille Paglia Thought It Was Awesome

In her 2012 art history book “Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art From Egypt To Star Wars,” author Camille Paglia wrote about ROTS in her chapter about digital art and not only did she refer to ROTS, particularly its climactic scenes on Mustafar, as the greatest work of art of the past 30 years, she also referred to George Lucas as the world’s greatest living artist. Quite an endorsement!


6 Responses to “Undeniable Fact About ROTS #5: Camille Paglia Thought It Was Awesome”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    I read that book. She chose some really interesting pieces. What’s also cool is that she compared the “Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections” series to da Vinci’s famous sketches of invention ideas. She also connected the way Obi-Wan and Bail’s held the twins to Lucas’ role as a single father. Very fascinating book.

  2. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    I remember how haters were in shock when the book was released and Paglia promoted her work. Of course it didn’t enlighten them but Paglia was suddenly also “stupid” and “overrated”.

    Their world is so small.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    LP – While I would love for her to be a Celebration guest, we know why she won’t be on the list. She’s too pro-George, pro-prequels, not marching to the hate drummer.

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