Ahsoka’s Hero Journey

One Saga has a new essay about Ahsoka’s hero journey on Clone Wars.

Through Ahsoka’s growth as a character we see her following the classic mythological pattern of the hero’s journey. Her path is one of transition from childhood to early adolescence, early adolescence to young adult, and young adult to woman. The journey is fraught with danger and excitement, and intense testing and trials, with Ahsoka being forced to embrace adult decisions and living with the consequences of them… She’s one of my favorite characters from the entire Saga.

Well, she is for my money the greatest Star Wars character never to have appeared in a Star Wars movie, so do check it out.


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One Response to “Ahsoka’s Hero Journey”

  1. madmediaman Says:

    Thanks for the plug Lazy. I hope my passion for Ahsoka comes across in this piece. Truth be told she’s probably in my Top 5 of favorite characters:

    1) Obi-Wan
    2) Tarkin (yes I’m serious)
    3) Qui-Gon
    4) Luke Skywalker
    5) Ahsoka

    That would probably be me list today… but it does change a lot 😉

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