How Can They Ignore The Most Fashionable Girl In The Galaxy?: A Commentary


Illustration from the Star Wars Design community on Facebook; I’d love to see REAL dresses like these for sale

We female Star Wars fans, or fangirls in general, have been on a lucky streak over the past few years as there is a growing amount of girly fan products available to the masses. Someone on my Facebook feed noted that her last trip to Hot Topic was like a mini Comic Con with all of the Doctor Who, Batman, Disney, Harry Potter, Supernatural, etc. merchandise for sale, much of it for the ladies. I even picked up some Nightmare Before Christmas perfume because I had one of those Hot Cash things to use. Her Universe has produced a steady stream of wearables for ladies over the past four years.

But recently a thought came to me as I read this post on Set To Stunning. This stuff was available first at Comic Con and I ended up buying the “Galaxy Wars” jacket but as per usual, OT only. Even though everyone is trying to make more fashionable fan gear for fashionable fangirls with varied results, I’m dismayed that these companies are ignoring the fact many of us fangirls want one Star Wars character’s closet, and it’s not Chewbacca’s. Padmé’s fabulous costumes are such a no-brainer as inspiration for fangirl wear. She is easily the most fashionable character in the GFFA. Everybody likes her outfits. Either the people who design these things and sell them don’t really know all of that much about Star Wars or they’re a bunch of PT-haters.

Don’t tell me “Padmé is so slender and her costumes aren’t flattering on everyone” either. Look at most of the wares you can buy now: leggings, tight dresses, extremely short skirts. Not exactly the most flattering or inclusive designs as it is.

Heck, I’d take dresses like the designs in the illustration. I’d buy a Jedi dress right now if somebody made them. (An Anakin ROTS dress would be awesome!!)

Unfortunately we’re stuck with companies that don’t care about the saga and definitely not about us.

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9 Responses to “How Can They Ignore The Most Fashionable Girl In The Galaxy?: A Commentary”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Aww, man! I’d love to have a Padme-inspired dress! Especially the one in the middle. I mean no disrespect to the fangirl designers, but most of the Star Wars formal wear looks either dull or ridiculous. The downside about the OT was that there wasn’t any bright colors in the wardrobe. Sooner or later women will want to wear brighter colors and the PT has plenty of that.

  2. Mathilde Says:

    Thanks for your article about my dress designs. I plan to make the Jedi one for myself soon.
    May the Force be with you

  3. Tarrlok Says:

    Not strictly related to women’s fashion, but I’ve noticed how even marketed apparel that nominally includes nods to the PT doesn’t actually include much in the way of PT iconography.

    For instance, I did a search on Google for Galactic Republic T-shirts. The only shirts with Republic emblems alone had the TOR “starbird” emblem as opposed to the PT’s eight-armed radial emblem or the three-armed Senate emblem.

    There was even a shirt that had a riff on the California state flag, with “Galactic Republic” in place of “California Republic”, but it didn’t actually have any Republic iconography. The flag’s bear was replaced with an AT-AT (not an AT-TE?) and the red star was replaced with a hilariously out-of-place Galactic Empire emblem.

    I did a search for Order 66 shirts and most of the designs included stormtroopers rather than clone troopers of either phase. There were obviously a few with Imperial emblems, which weren’t completely out-of-place this time.

    There are still quite a few shirts out there with PT iconography, but I think it’s sad that the people who produce such apparel feel there’s a need to force stretched OT references into things which should be more than fine with just PT references. It just seems obvious that the folks who sell fan products don’t care much for the PT, probably wouldn’t include any PT iconography unless Lucasfilm paid them to, and would likely prefer to think that Star Wars ended in the 1980s and is relevant now only because of retro kitsch and pop culture references, pending revival in 2015.

    So it comes as absolutely no surprise that they’d market clothing to female SW fans and completely ignore the treasure trove that is Padme’s wardrobe. It may not be worth enough to barter for a new hyperdrive, but it’s still pretty damn marketable.

  4. Mathilde Says:

    I so agree wih you Tarrlok, this is why I also make shirt designs based on the Prequel

  5. Scruffy Says:

    You’re passionate, which is what geeks are and what makes us all awesome, but I think you’re being too critical with your last statement. Or least unaware of where your ire should really lie. I think it’s overly harsh to assume these companies (whether We Love Fine or others) “don’t care” about us or the various franchises. Having blogged for a couple years now, and worked for and spoken at length with various companies that make licensed products, I can tell you for a fact that these companies care, A LOT. That’s the whole reason they’re bothering in the first place! And we owe them a lot of thanks for that.

    But they are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to what designs will actually go to market. You want to know who doesn’t care about you or the fandom? That would be Star Wars, i.e. LUCASFILM itself. And obviously that doesn’t make sense, how could Star Wars “not care” about Star Wars? But that’s exactly how it is. It’s the companies that created and own the various franchises we love so dearly that 100% control what products actually get made. Companies that license to make products often have very little control. You could have the most amazing designs in the world, and they’ll get shot down 9 times out of 10 once it gets to the licensing department of Lucasfilm, CBS, Disney, Marvel, etc. And why don’t they take chances? Sometimes they do, look at the various shirts Her Universe was able to get out with Padme on them, and jewelry too, but for the most part they are a business, and they go by the numbers. For Star Wars, research (sales) tells them that it’s ALL about the Original Trilogy, and they act accordingly. In the case of We Love Fine, there could be numerous reasons why there were was nothing using Prequel material including 1) could just be huge fans of the OT over the Prequels, 2) their Prequel related designs got shot down, or even 3) this IS, after all, just a first release of a new line and you have to start somewhere and we should wait and see what else comes out 😉

    Apologies for the ridiculously long comment, but I hope you don’t mind my 2 cents.

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