Undeniable Fact About ROTS #25: It Premiered At The Cannes Film Festival


ROTS was not in competition at the Cannes Film Festival–please, movies most of us would watch generally don’t win the Palme D’Or–but it did have a splashy world premiere and a pretty enthusiastic reception on May 15, 2005. George Lucas and most of the main stars turned out, including a bald Natalie Portman who had shaved off her hair while filming “V For Vendetta.”


One Response to “Undeniable Fact About ROTS #25: It Premiered At The Cannes Film Festival”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    Been missing – just returned from Europe but this post reminded me of why I included Cannes in my 2006 trip. Got a photo standing in the same place on the film festival red carpet as my favorite film folks. Still have that photo saved in my favorites because, well, obviously. Also – in my 2014 Europe trip I did return to Naboo and the Lake Retreat. Brought along Anakin and PadmĂ© “action” figures to recreate AotC moments at the actual site….because, well, obviously.

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