Undeniable Fact About ROTS #30: It Almost Won A Fan Poll Of Favorite Star Wars Film

Some years back, the Star Wars Insider ran a poll on fan favorites. This is not the poll they did in 1998, prior to the release of Eps I-III; this one was later, sometime after ROTS’s release.

One category of favorites was favorite Star Wars film. According to the Insider’s editor, ROTS was in the lead for most of the time they were counting ballots and would have won had it not been for a late surge of TESB votes. (I bet those were mysteriously found in a trunk of a car.)


17 Responses to “Undeniable Fact About ROTS #30: It Almost Won A Fan Poll Of Favorite Star Wars Film”

  1. Brian Says:

    Well, pretty much immediately it certainly jumped to the top of my list of favorite Star Wars movies, right below Empire Strikes Back.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      When people ask me my favorite Star Wars film, I say, “Star Wars films are like my children. I love them all equally.” Some days, one will shine a little brighter or another will reveal their inevitable flaws, but in the end its one family of imperfect awesomeness! Star Wars fans, on the other hand, are like the dysfunctional relatives you’re stuck with at Thanksgiving. I keep trying to have a good time, but there are screaming brats in one corner, bickering know-it-alls in another and some crazy jerk ranting about crap they can’t control in the corner. And don’t get me started about that smell Uncle Ken left in the bathroom….

  2. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    If there is something I find equally tiresome like Prequel bashing then it’s probably TESB glorification.

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      Empire and I have a very weird love/hate relationship. It’s not as good as people say it is, but it…almost is? It bounces back and forth between top 3 and bottom 3 for me. I enjoy the movie, but it gets harder and harder to because people won’t shut up about it. It is one of the better done films technically and yet it’s arguably the least Star-Wars-y. It’s annoyingly overrated, and yet in some ways I can respect why.

      Sith and me, on the other hand, have always been straightforward with each other.

    • Dave Strohmenger Says:

      I just know that if Padme had called Anakin a “scruffy-looking nerf herder” instead of Leia saying it to Han, people would complain that’s it’s the worst line ever, but since it’s in Empire it gets a pass.

      • PrinceOfNaboo Says:

        Yeah, or imagine Obi-Wan would have said “You truly belong here with us among the clouds” to anyone or Anakin and Padm√© having a dialogue like “My hands are dirty.” – “My hands are dirty too.”

        Hell, just imagine Jar Jar’s would have dared to utter “laser brain”…..Anakin was already convicted for saying “laser sword” by the obsessive Star Wars Fan Police.

        And it goes beyond dialogue…..They always claim it’s the “most about characters”, whereas in my opinion it’s no more about the “characters” than…say AOTC. It’s just that TESB neglected the overall plot and story more than any other film!

      • Dave Strohmenger Says:

        ‘I love you’/’I know’ is a great line, but imagine if that was Anakin and Padme in the Geonosian arena. And while I love Mark Hamill, if Hayden had delivered ‘That’s not true! That’s impossible!’ exactly the same way, there would be “sad Anakin” memes all over the Internet.

  3. Tony Ferris Says:

    It remains my absolute favourite Star Wars entry, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

  4. madmediaman Says:

    Revenge of the Sith is far and away my favorite of the Saga (though I love them all). If I was forced to rate them it would be as follows:

    1) Revenge of the Sith
    2) A New Hope
    3) The Phantom Menace
    4) The Empire Strikes Back’
    5) Attack of the Clones
    6) Return of the Jedi

    Interestingly Empire is the one film I revisit the least on blu-ray. I think because of the six films it is the least interesting in telling the overall mythology of the Saga… it’s basically a two hour chase film with some brief insights into the Force injected in from time to time.

    Heck I remember back in the day when fandom was split about Empire. Some fans loved it, others hated that damn Muppet, thought the film was boring, and had lost the charm of ANH.

    Somewhere along the way that changed… I think part of it was backlash against Jedi. Part of it was home video which allowed you to skip over the “boring” bits, and part of it was Gary Kurtz going on the convention circuit spreading his myths about the “real” story behind Star Wars. Kurtz spewing his half-truths really started the whole basher movement.

    • madmediaman Says:

      By the way Attack of the Clones moves ahead of Empire in two scenarios:

      1) If I were rating the IMAX edit of AOTC which is a brilliant film.

      2) If the Padme extended arrival on Naboo and family scenes were restored to the film. Those films added the needed depth to the Anakin/Padme relationship that most people complain about. Damn you Ben Burtt.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        For me it’s:

        1. Phantom
        2. Sith
        3. Jedi
        4. Clones
        5. Hope

        Empire jumps everywhere between second place and second to last depending on my mood.

        And even though Hope is my “least” favorite, it’s really only compared to the other 5 and I love it more than most things.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        P.S. Every film except Clones I’ve called my “favorite” at some point in my life, but in hindsight it was always Phantom.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        Oh, yeah. AOTC definitely could have benefited from an Extended Edition. There’s such gold that wasn’t in the film that could have been included.

        You mentioned the scenes of Padme on Naboo, but I feel I must mention another excellent Padme scene: the one set in the Republic Senate just after the first failed assassination attempt. I love it. It’s simply superb. It does so much for the character of Padme and to set up the political conflict that becomes the Clone Wars that I think it’s essential for a SW fan to see.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        If any deleted scenes have a fair argument for being included in future cuts of the film, it’s those scenes. I absolutely love them.

      • madmediaman Says:

        Blame ol’ Ben Burtt for that one. I was just watching the Deleted Scenes bonus features on the AOTC DVD. Burtt just has this dismissive attitude when it comes to anything regarding Padme’s backstory. He uses phrases like, “While it’s nice to know…” and it’s pretty clear he was the driving force behind dropping these scenes.

        Lucas was definitely concerned about running time, but you could have easily truncated some of the action, especially the speeder chase.

        Knowing that Padme longs for a normal life, and really wants more than anything to have a family, but is willing to sacrifice all of that to serve the Republic is, to borrow the words of VP Joe Biden, “A big effin’ deal.” Call me crazy, but that’s kind of important to know, and would have added depth to the relationship and certainly would have helped explain that she already had feelings for Anakin, but was conflicted between him and her duty. It would have made her announcement to Anakin that she loved him make more sense at the Geonosis arena, and not been such a sudden change of heart.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        I just saw those deleted scenes, especially the ones with Padme’s family, and while they were nice, I could see why they were cut. They would have distracted from the mystery/political feel of the film and did slow down the story (except for the Genosis trial and sentencing scenes-those could’ve stayed). I think whether the deleted scenes stayed or went would’ve been irrelevant- haters are gonna hate.

  5. james Says:

    My favorite

    then barely ROTJ, ESB. ANH is not even close

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