Undeniable Fact About AOTC #6: It Was The 5th Film To Open #1 At The Box Office

Not many film series spanning a several decade period can keep opening big at the box office, but Star Wars is one of them.

Due to factors I will cover in my forthcoming rant on how AOTC was the worst-promoted film of the saga, it was the only Star Wars film to date that wasn’t the year’s biggest (North American) box office hit. But that isn’t to say the movie didn’t do well. In spite of opening just a couple of weekends after the year’s biggest winner “Spider Man,” AOTC opened #1 at the box office with a pretty big haul and won the Memorial Day weekend box office as well. (Someone told me AOTC outgrossed “Spider Man” every day of its release, but AOTC couldn’t catch the other film’s huge head start. But I can’t verify that.)


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