Undeniable Fact About AOTC #8: It Pioneered Hipster Marketing



Even though my rant on why AOTC was the worst-marketed film of the saga to date is forthcoming, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t at least some attempts at trying something new, regardless of whether they were good ideas or effective.

One such attempt at exiting the box was what I believe was called the “college campaign.” At Celebration II, I saw piles of brightly colored fliers on a table and they looked like the kind of photocopied fliers you’d see stuck on bulletin boards, poles, posts, or whatever else can’t move fast enough on a college campus. Instead of ads for local punk bands playing at a dive, searches for roommates, ads selling futons and bean bag chairs, or requests for rides, they were ads involving various characters from the film. I think for example one of them was a “bounty hunter for hire” flier with Jango Fett or Zam Wesell. I recall grabbing a whole bunch of them, at least one of each. My copies are stored away in the Hoard so I can’t show you what they looked like, but some of you might remember what I’m talking about. I don’t know if Lucasfilm expected fans to take the fliers and put them up themselves or if they just figured collect-o-holics like I was at the time would’ve wanted them. In any case, street teams were supposed to slap those fliers up at college campuses and nearby hangouts.

Now I have to say, it was not only a very inexpensive campaign, it was a very interesting idea to try to reach people in their late teens/early 20s. Borderline edgy, even. Had the movie come out 10 years later, they could’ve handed out free PBRs with Jango on the cans, clone cupcakes, or Obi-Wan mustaches.



One Response to “Undeniable Fact About AOTC #8: It Pioneered Hipster Marketing”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    I didn’t know they did this. “Veeerrrryy interesting”, as “Laugh-In” would say.

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