The PT-Free Art Show

Last Friday, Acme Archives’s Dark Ink Art site began hosting an online Star Wars art show that runs until September 15. Although there are 21 pieces up for sale, including the one millionth Slave Leia piece of questionable taste, there’s not a single piece from the prequel films or Clone Wars. Worse yet, as “Greg” commenting on Club Jade describes, one piece even had Padmé excised from the original:

Padmé still can’t catch a break . . . one of the ACME Archives prints announced on the official site yesterday removes Padmé from preexisting art: This seems especially strange as the theme of these prints is “Join the Alliance,” an organization that Padmé was instrumental in forming. (Yes, those scenes were deleted, but apparently they’re canon, judging by Padmé’s Databank entry.)

It’s not as though Acme or those particular artists haven’t sold prequel-themed art before either. So I don’t get why after nine years of having a six-film saga and six years of a t.v. show, they are pretending it’s 1998.

When I complained to Acme on both Twitter and Facebook, no one told me that the Alliance was the theme of this art show. In fact, there is Imperial themed art for sale as well. When I asked directly why there wasn’t any Clone Wars or prequel-themed art, the response I got on Twitter was “I noticed the absence too, but we still felt it was a strong collection even so. I do know that we have Rebel(s?) art in the works!” (So was this all the artists’ discretion?) However I was even more upset about Padmé getting taken out of Vandersteldt’s piece. When I complained about that, Acme’s response was that they do have a bunch of other Vandersteldt Padmé pieces (true) and that they felt the piece overall was about ANH. Maybe Padmé’s presence in the work is superfluous and influenced by the artist having a crush on Natalie or something. Or maybe “Greg” was right and it’s meant to show her role in creating the Alliance. I asked if it was Acme’s decision or Vandersteldt’s, and I did not get an answer. (Legally, since it is a work made for hire, Acme or Lucasfilm would be able to alter it without the artist’s input or permission. Those are the breaks for doing licensed work.)

Oh well, that’ll save me some money and wall space.


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2 Responses to “The PT-Free Art Show”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Huh. I just saw those pictures and Padme was cut out of the poster (which seems disrespectful) yet it’s still called “Saga”. Go figure.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    Hate this – always will – but Padmé’s image is from the “Anakin awakes from nightmare” scene and really sticks out as being the – excuse the pun – solo reference to the prequel era out of everything that is on the poster. Let’s face it – while Padmé was instrumental in creating the Rebel Alliance, all reference to its origins will be Padmé-less because they want it that way. It’s all proceeding as blah blah blah blah – Not following anything about VII – don’t know, don’t care. But…back to the “art” – it has to be frustrating and soul-draining to have your vision, your creation manipulated to say something you never intended.

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