Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir: The Nickel Review

What can I say? “Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir” was awesome! What a way to close out Dark Horse’s 23-year run as purveyor of Star Wars comics.

No matter what you might think of Darth Maul’s resurrection from the dead on Clone Wars, this was one heck of a story. Based on a script written for the show but never aired (curse you, whoever canceled Clone Wars), Darth Maul, the rogue Mandalorians, and his new friends in the criminal underground cause lots of trouble. Maul is captured and tortured, then he escapes with the help of his buddies. Then Maul in turn captures Dooku and Grievous. After a brief team-up to repel a pesky Jedi attack, Maul ends up in a battle royale that involves every significant villain of the prequel trilogy but Jango Fett. This would have been one epic, ratings-grabbing episode had it aired on t.v.! It is revealed that Mother Talzin is Maul’s mother and she had sacrificed much of her own corporeal existence to bring him back to life. In order to fully restore herself she needed to take the life energy of another and Maul sets up Dooku to fit that bill. But you’ll be surprised at who puts a stop to those plans. No, it’s not Jar Jar though that would be extremely surprising. While it was odd to see Clone Wars characters depicted differently and while no one can draw Darth Maul the way Jan Duursema can, the art was really good. “Son of Dathomir” serves to remind you of how much creative strength was left in Clone Wars. If it was this exciting to read, it would have been even better as an animated show. What a shame.

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5 Responses to “Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir: The Nickel Review”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    “So what happened to Darth Maul?” was one of the more glaring questions left standing when Clone Wars ended, so it was nice we at least got it answered. (It was a more interesting answer than the one I’d vaguely imagined after his last episode, too.) With my suspicion that the new Marvel comics are going to be “all ‘original trilogy,’ all the time!”, though, it seems too bad the subtler questions may not be answered even in the “poor man’s animation” of comics…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      That’s the thing. But it’s possible there are more books in the future like the upcoming one with Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I should have acknowledged that upcoming novel; the art shown for it used the “Clone Wars style,” after all… Maybe I was just concerned it would be aggressive in referring to all the other Star Wars novels, which I’m very much out of the habit of reading.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    What might have been ….always makes me sad and more ticked off. Somewhere I have read the story about who was Darth Maul’s mother – perhaps in the Darth Plagueis book?

  3. M. Marshall Says:

    Can’t wait to read the trade paperback. I will sorely miss Dark Horse Star Wars.

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