Undeniable Fact About AOTC #23: First Time Two Lightsabers Used In A Duel


Okay, I wish it lasted a wee bit longer because it was so cool but those are the breaks when we’re dealing with a not-so-experienced Chosen One taking on Count Dooku. Anakin tried to hold him off with his own lightsaber and an injured Obi-Wan’s, but Dooku got the best of him and Anakin lost his arm.

Up until that scene in AOTC, every lightsaber duel in Star Wars involved just one lightsaber each although Darth Maul did have two blades in TPM. So it was pretty impressive to see the first time around.

Things didn’t go as well for Dooku however the next time Anakin got to use two lightsabers against him.



One Response to “Undeniable Fact About AOTC #23: First Time Two Lightsabers Used In A Duel”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    I think the duels in AotC were short-changed. All of them were. I know Ewan was really disappointed, especially after Duel of the Fates in TPM. Obi-Wan bought the farm – duel-wise – with Dooku, only lasting a few minutes, if that. Even though Anakin didn’t have much time to show his skill at two lightsabers, he still out-lasted Obi-Wan. IMO – some scenes were shortened to add more length to the action scenes on Geonosis and the added scenes for the Droid factory – both went on too long and those minutes would have been welcomed in longer duels…although…….some actually complain about the length of the duels in RotS – Yoda/Sidious and Obi-Wan/Anakin. We are a bitchy lot, aren’t we?

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