First Synopsis of Clone Wars Novel

Christie Golden’s as of yet untitled novel based on an unused Clone Wars script already has a synopsis, which was posted on a German site in English:

The last story never told in The Clone Wars television saga: A tale of trust, betrayal, love, and evil starring the hugely popular ex-Sith/never-Jedi female bounty hunter, Asajj Ventress! A tale written but never aired, now turned into a brand-new novel with the creative collaboration of the Lucasfilm Story Group and Dave Filoni, Executive Producer and Director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels!
When the Jedi decide to target Count Dooku—Darth Tyranus—himself, they turn to his ex-apprentice, Asajj Ventress, for help in getting close to the slippery Sith Lord. But when unexpected sparks fly between Ventress and Quinlan Vos, the unorthodox Jedi sent to work with her, the mission becomes a web of betrayal, alliances, secrets, and dark plotting that might just be the undoing of both Jedi and Sith—and everything in between!

Unexpected sparks? Sounds like a bodice-ripper if you ask me!

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One Response to “First Synopsis of Clone Wars Novel”

  1. james Says:

    HMM, looks cool, perhaps Ventresses fait? Just looking at the artwork released earlier this year it looks interesting. Yet this summery doesnt realy get me excited for the book, though I loved the clone wars and will jump at any continuation material. I have enjoyed Star Wars Romance in the passed, unlike some people I like Anakins and Pademes dynamic in the movies and TCW. I alo liked Lux Ahsoka story but if its Ventress Vos seems alittle…. weird, perhaps because in the passed they have been portrayed as the bitterest enemys. Thoygh I usualy dont enjoy the EU it is mostly because I am use to that portrayal.

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