Undeniable Fact About AOTC #26: It’s The First Star Wars Film Formatted For IMAX

AOTC was remastered in IMAX format and re-released in the fall of 2002. It’s hard to believe that just 12 years ago, most IMAX films were documentaries made for museums, since most IMAX screens were at museums. In fact AOTC IMAX was shown at a lot of museums; in Washington, D.C. it was playing at the Natural History Museum. Although not every multiplex in the land has IMAX screens today, they are found nationwide and IMAX has become a means to draw moviegoers (and have them spend $20 on admission) for big event pictures. Disney plans on releasing Episode VII on IMAX format in 3D.

4 Responses to “Undeniable Fact About AOTC #26: It’s The First Star Wars Film Formatted For IMAX”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Didn’t they slice it to ribbons because IMAX movies can only be so long?

  2. lovelucas Says:

    They did indeed delete many scenes, Adam, including ALL of the picnic scenes where they had a rather important discussion. But how I loved seeing this film on that gigantic screen.

  3. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I’ll go on record as saying I preferred the IMAX cut to the theatrical version. Seriously. I thought it moved quicker (obviously) and the loss of scenes like the picnic, I felt, gave a sense of urgency.

  4. lovelucas Says:

    Blasphemy! I loved the picnic scenes and the political discussion between Anakin and Padme. I do agree that Anakin riding that plump shaak critter was an example of terrible CGI and while I did appreciate the concern Padme showed when he fell and appeared to be hurt, I think George gave the haters lots of ammo showing them rolling down the hill but that was his idea of ..romantic.

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