Ep VII Star Meets Samuel L. Jackson

One thing’s for sure, if you’ve been following Ep. VII star John Boyega on Twitter and Instagram, you can see he’s having fun. He appeared at an event in London for Adidas and ran into none other than Mace Windu himself, Samuel L. Jackson. Video is here.

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13 Responses to “Ep VII Star Meets Samuel L. Jackson”

  1. TPF1138 Says:

    Anyone who’s seen Attack the Block knows that Boyega’s got some game. His casting is certainly a positive.

    • madmediaman Says:

      Unfortunately the rest of the film (if rumors are true) really comes across as weak rehashing of very familiar territory. Just take a look at the leaked Han Hoth-like costume… Rumors of an Ackbar appearance… Vader flashback scene… Just very few original ideas I’m hearing from the production.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Here’s what I think:


      • madmediaman Says:

        Perfect post Lazy… eloquently stated, and very on point. I hate to say it, but I’m feeling less and less enthusiasm for Episode VII as more information is revealed. I have a hard time believing this story originated from the pen and yellow legal pad of George Lucas, but if it did I think it’s fairly clear his heart wasn’t really in this. Personally, I think he likely presented a very interesting take on the Sequel trilogy, but it was probably dumbed down for consumption by a group of writers perpetually stuck in the late 70s. I have a hard time believing George, who was writing some of the most interesting storylines for Clone Wars at the time, and by Ronald Moore’s own account was turning in some very creative and challenging stories for Star Wars Underworld, suddenly played it totally safe like this production appears to be doing.

        I find myself far more interested in what’s coming from Rebels (although I have serious reservations there too) despite that show basically being a total lift job of ANH, right down to the shot for shot recreation of the Death Star escape. Despite all of the missteps there seems to be a good energy and I really cannot wait for David Oyelowo and Jason Issacs to make their grand entrances.

      • lazypadawan Says:


      • Keith Palmer Says:

        In the lead-up to “Episode I,” I had the strong impression that to know “too much too soon” would somehow be dangerous when it came to reacting to my first viewing of the movie itself, but this time around I’m stuck with the thought my reduced reluctant to stay well clear of leaked pictures is a direct consequence of disinterest in an apparent strategy of “it’ll look just like the old movies! That’ll keep the online tastemakers happy!” At the same time, as much as I’d take my own glee in the defiance of including things more recent, I can wonder if that would allow any more than what we’re hearing now for actually interesting reinterpretations and extensions of a six-movie cycle that, in my opinion, really can satisfy if you look at it in a way the novels of the 1990s might not have encouraged…

        Right now, I’m wondering if a couple of decades from now we’ll see comics (or a “smart agent-generated synth-vid,” perhaps) “based on George Lucas’s original Episode VII draft.” The really troubling thought is of that being the best-case scenario…

      • Tarrlok Says:

        I like the new trooper helmet design. What can I say? I’m a sucker for armoured badasses, and this new helmet looks like it has Doug Chiang all over it.

        However, I’m bitterly opposed to the notion that the Galactic Empire has lasted 30 years – longer than it did before the defeat at Endor – right up to the events of Episode VII. It’s ludicrous and pisses all over the previous films, ROTJ and ANH in particular.

        Of course, it’s a subtle **** you to the PT and its fans as well.

        The CIS is depicted capitulating completely to the Republic-turned-Empire in ROTS, but there are no contrived justifications for a Separatist resurgence immediately afterwards. Considering that the Confederacy actually has popular support whereas the Empire is facing mass uprisings even on its capital planet, there’s a better justification for it than for an Imperial resurgence. Still, the story from ROTS to ANH progresses as it does for a reason.

        However, the Empire is apparently so iconic and irreplacable that it needs to be dredged up, to hell with originality and respect for prior entries in the series. Originality is what sunk the PT, claim the hateboys.

        Lucasfilm will apparently piss on the OT’s actual story just to bring back the basic aesthetic of an Empire-vs-Alliance conflict for crude marketing purposes, but it won’t bother to release the remaining stories of the Republic-vs-Confederacy conflict.

        If the Galactic Empire turns out to be in Episode VII with nary a scratch to it, I’ll be taken out of the setting big time. I may question if the Star Wars franchise is worth sticking with if it’s just going to be a nostalgia cash-in.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      However the movie turns out, he seems like a good guy and is enjoying himself.

  2. Obi-Rob Says:

    A true Star Wars fan.

  3. lazypadawan Says:

    More on meeting SLJ:

  4. james Says:

    Im deeply conflicted about 7,8 and 9. My ideal story in this era would be having things revert back to the way it was pre episode 1, with luke replacing yoda on the high council. If the rumors of the “Inquiseters” being the main antagonist is true I will be incredibly diaspointed. It would be a half baked attempted to create lightsaber duels without overturning the Chosen one or Rule of two. There is alote they could get away with and I would still enjoy, no new jedi order, ok, no new republic, alright, Han Solo triligy UGHH but i’d stIll accept it as star wars, ” lightsaber weilding maniacs” around every corner, no, just no. Im being cautiously optamistic. As long as rebels respects 1,2 and 3 I will be hopefull for these new episides.

  5. piccolojr1138 Says:

    I’m very skeptical about these rumours. Remember last year, all those websites assured that Benedict Cumberbatch was the main villain of the new trilogy. The helmet’s picture seems legit, but the others… I don’t know.

  6. james Says:

    Ya I guess, but I have little doubt they will, some way or another, have a lightsaber duel of some kind. I wouldnt mind mabey a non force sensitive cyborg like general grievous, but I seriously doubt they would go THAT route agein. So I am still concerned.

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