Ep VIII Director Says Nice Stuff About PT

Episode VIII director Rian Johnson shocked a crowd of hater film snobs when he said this at a live podcast via Skype:

As if he hadn’t won over the fans enough by that point he continued by making a diplomatic statement about the prequels. “There was something really beautiful about the prequels,” he said, as film snob crowd was momentarily stunned, having just booed at the mention of the “Star Wars” prequels.

How did he ever get past the gatekeepers?


14 Responses to “Ep VIII Director Says Nice Stuff About PT”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    Is there any context for this? Or follow-up? I’d love to hear what Johnston thought was beautiful about them, in particular. I mean… it doesn’t really give me that much hope that VIII will be that great (sorry, but “Looper” was just not my cup of tea) but… I guess it’d be nice to see equal opportunity devotion to the saga, at least.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And suddenly, I now feel more excited for Episode VIII than Episode VII.

  3. slicer87 Says:

    At least he isn’t a blind prequel hater.

  4. M. Marshall Says:

    He also said “with these films, I am trying to harken back to the original ‘Star Wars’… Christmas Special.” When asked about watching the order of the films he said “I would do 4-6 then 1-3. Storytelling wise, 4-6 were constructed without the knowledge of the past. ” Sorry Mr. Johnson, that’s not entirely true.

  5. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Oh oh …. KK, JJ and LK won’t like to hear/read this ! 🙂

  6. lovelucas Says:

    They were beautiful….and that has the fanboyz in a tizzy. They want it dirty and used even if it’s not the story.

  7. piccolojr1138 Says:

    Although I don’t think this is so important (you can have good taste and no talent), I’m actually glad to hear that. I found his first movie, Brick, really beautiful too. I like Looper but nos as much.

  8. Bob Clark Says:

    I’d really like to hear some expanded comments from him on the Prequels. This line came almost completely out of nowhere, it sounds like.

  9. J. Reeves Says:

    Pardon the pun, but there’s “something” about this I don’t like. Oh, wait. I think I’ve got it. Could be the equivocation used to express tepid endorsement, could be the fact that even the next director in line can’t even champion them without being vague, refusing to completely stand apart from the mob and let the depth of his feelings be known. But still, at least it’s… something.

  10. discoewok Says:

    You’re guys are gonna love this! I’m so surprised we aren’t talking about Dave’s comments here at the 7min mark!

  11. James Says:

    All of a sudden I have a GOOD feeling about this.

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