Fan Documentary “Don’t Feed The Trolls”

Liz Welch, who helped make the fan documentary “Don’t Feed The Trolls,” dropped a line about her project, which is showing at various cons throughout the country:

My name’s Liz Welch and my team and I have just finished work on a documentary about fandoms. The film’s called Don’t Feed the Trolls and it shows the real world world of fandom communities.

The film addresses what trolls are and promotes the anti-bullying sentiment in fandoms.

There’s an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for exhibiting the film. The film’s Facebook page is here.

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13 Responses to “Fan Documentary “Don’t Feed The Trolls””

  1. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Trolling and bullying by anti-PT fans, i.e. hateboys, is what’s driving the divide in fandom. And it needs to stop. And, unfortunately, the only way it has even a possibility of stopping is if Lucasfilm officially addresses it. They need to be the adult in the room and remind those fans who dislike the PT to respect the fans who do. If that were to happen, Star Wars fandom would be a much happier place.

  2. M. Marshall Says:

    Does this film address the prequel bashing that’s been going on in the past 15 years?

  3. Adam Says:

    Wow…talk about timing. Just received a boot from another “fan” site because I got in someone’s ass about their ignorant, boorish attitude about Lucas, Prequels, etc, etc… Basically the trolls and the hate-boys run the “fan” community and the forums. Until that changes, your just gonna have more of the same. You fight fire with fire and suddenly you’ve offended someone’s feelings. It’s funny though; no one really stops to think about how Lucas and his family, not to mention his fan’s have been offended. Public figure or not the rules of decency still apply. For years now this has gone on and for years now, it’s crossed the line!

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      Lemme guess, Adam.

      • Adam Says:

        No Sideshow Freaks. A forum site originally dedicated to the collectors of Sideshow Collectibles. Now all they do is rave on about how Hot Toys is greater than your firstborn lol! Anyway let me state that the “freaks” is in no way representitive of the actual Sideshow Collectibles. That company is entirely it’s own entity and does right by ALL of it’s fans!

    • Brian47 Says:

      Geez, actually banned from a site for positive comments? What the heck, sometimes things are so upside down on the internet.

      • Adam Says:

        In all fairness, my opening shot was very mocking and in mean spirit. You would have to understand how much of the trite, misinformed, unqualified drivel I’ve had to read over the years. Very rarely do I post on their site anymore, but this time it was sort of a knee jerk response to the previeous crap comments. I think it was some asshat blaming Lucas for Harrison’s broken leg. Suffice to say I went off lol! Still it wasn’t personal. Crude maybe but totally on point. What I had to say just wasn’t the “popular” opinion!!!

      • lazypadawan Says:

        It’s okay, I’ve lost it a few times too.

  4. maychild Says:

    I wondered when some hateboy would actually find a way to blame Lucas for Ford’s broken leg. Let me guess…JJ Abrams wanted to get away from the allegedly “all CGI FX” of the prequels and so was using all practical effects, and since Ford was injured by one of said effects, it’s all Lucas’s fault.

    Why not, they find the most improbable and just plain stupid ways to blame him for just about everything else. If they didn’t like St. Peter “The Great” Jackson’s “Hobbit” movies, they blamed Lucas (he “influenced” St. Peter too much with the horrible prequels). They continue to blame Lucas whenever Natalie Portman gives a meh performance — I thought, naively, that that would stop when she won her Oscar. They blamed Lucas for the lukewarm box office performance of the SE of “E.T.” — he “influenced” Spielberg to make the changes to “E.T.,” and fans were sick of it, so they refused to see the SE of “E.T.”

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      Fairly early on, I recall seeing a newspaper’s movie columnist proclaiming Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut had under-performed “because TPM had convinced everyone all experienced movie directors are burnout cases.” After that, it got a little harder to believe the blame-slinging, even if it still wasn’t that pleasant to see it.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Eyes Wide Shut underperformed for a lot of reasons, but none of them have anything to do with TPM. It was a difficult subject based on a source material that was about as far from the mainstream, even for Kubrick. The studio sold it mainly as a chance to see Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman naked, amounting to a kind of bait and switch when it turned out to be less an erotic free-for-all and more a teasing, borderline thriller/intellectual dream narrative. The fact that Kubrick died before completing a true final cut didn’t help either, nor the fact the studio censored the movie after his death. And there’s the sad truth that the somewhat benign subject matter didn’t even live up to the expectations of his base of fans who probably wanted something more in the openly, graphically daring in the vein of “A Clockwork Orange”, and that yeah, maybe he was a little rusty after so much time away from filmmaking.

        Still, it just might be his best movie.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        It also continued the tired cliche of female sexuality from a male perspective as if every woman’s reason for being sexual is to benefit men. All the trailers kept focusing on was Nicole Kidman’s nudity which must have made a lot of moviegoers think it was some high quality sex tape between Cruise and Kidman. Those that went to see it were disappointed that it wasn’t and others were too disgusted to even bother.

  5. james Says:

    Hatersmake me sick! They drive me crazy, eh best to just ignore them, though they make it very hard with their bashing.

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