Trial Balloon Re Alternative Programming

I tried floating this on Twitter and on Facebook, so I’m going to open this to comments here. 1) How many of you are going to Celebration/planning to go/thinking of going next year? and 2) If you do go, would you consider some alternative, unofficial programming at a hotel within walking distance of the hotel?

Here’s what I’m considering: a panel or a pop-up underground shop where if I recruited enough Etsy and DeviantArtists, they can sell the stuff we’d want. Or maybe something different.

Why? I think the fan panel deadline has passed and I only thought of this a week ago. And I couldn’t guarantee that puny little me could get a panel when most of the “fans” who do get them are BNFs or large fan organizations.

I got the idea because some of you have already bought tickets to Celebration and in light of recent events, aren’t exactly psyched to be going. Even if there’s another prequel appreciation panel like at the last two Celebrations, I have a feeling most of the programming will be about three things: Rebels, Episode VII, and the spinoff films. Which is fair enough, because of course Disney/Lucasfilm would want to promote what they are producing now. What I’m afraid of though is that the con could become a prequel-bash fest in their zeal to charm the hate boys back to loving Star Wars again. I don’t want to see jerk after jerk hate on the movies and spend all of their time saying they’re not going to make “those” mistakes.

Besides, off campus you can be more free to say what you want, not because I want to set up a slag fest but because I’ve noticed at previous Celebrations there’s a strong don’t-rock-the-boat vibe. Everyone’s just happy to be there because they spent a lot of money and made a lot of sacrifices, and this is maybe the first vacation they’ve taken in years. It’s the reason why nobody seems to get to angry at having to wait 90 minutes to get on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to go to programming where you know there WON’T be bashing?

So let me know what you think. If there’s not much interest, I won’t pursue it further. If there is, I’ll have to start looking into logistics.


8 Responses to “Trial Balloon Re Alternative Programming”

  1. Obi-Rob Says:

    I think we should just organize a big huge petition asking for LFL to simply issue a formal public statement acknowledging the FAN DEMAND for equal treatment for PT fans and a few words advocating basic anti-online bullying.

    Thats not a lot to ask for at all. Perhaps even introduce a new public policy that (at least) frowns on internet-bullying (aka bashing, how SW fans bash each other and wont seem to stop).

    Just acknowledge the elephant in the room and remind “geek-nation” that you dont respond to internet bullying of any kind and its going to be a new regime now.

    Thats what I think we should do. The way the hateboys and trolls organize mass petitions demanding ridiculous things we should just demand a simple easy to deliver thing.

    We already have a huge network of PT fans organized through this site….so why cant we just gather some signatures and pass the petition around? In two weeks we could collect more than enough signatures.

    A petition for a public statement of acknowledgement. Thats all. If we were modest about what we ask for we will get it. Kathy Kennedy would simply post a sincere yet official and firm statement on for us. Thats all.

    They way the hateboys rage for acknowledgement we should too!

    Only thing is they basically ALREADY did this when they announced that “The six film Saga and TCW tv show are the immovable objects of SW to which all future projects must align” but this time it will be even firmer and directly by our demand.

    Lets do this.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Obi-Rob. At some point LFL needs to be the adult in the room and remind children to play nice. PT fans are not the ones causing the animosity. We like ALL Star Wars. It’s the anti-PT crowd that is the sole source of the problem because they are bullies, pure and simple. LFL should ask fans to knock off the trolling, knock off the bullying and remind the troublemakers that it is a big galaxy and everyone is welcome to enjoy it. What makes the current situation all the more aggravating is that (and I know Obi-Rob disagrees with me on this) is that for all intents and purposes the hateboys won. LFL will not be creating any PT-era content any time soon (if ever), Episode VII and the spin-offs are certain to be big fat wet kisses to the OT, and Disney is already more or less pretending the prequels don’t exist. The hateboys are getting pretty much everything they want short of burning George Lucas at the stake and passing a constitutional amendment declaring the PT a crime against humanity (even then I’m not sure they’d be satisfied). You think they’d be happy.

  2. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    If I had the time and money, I’d even help you set it up. Alas, I have neither, and wouldn’t be able to go. I do support the idea, though.

  3. Aeryn Says:

    Alternative panels, group petitions… I’m all for it. I’ll spread the word on TMOI, for what it’s worth. I’d also be glad to help out in any way I can; I participated in a group panel at a HP con and had lots of fun with it. (Then again, HP cons – being largely fan-organized to begin with – always had better/more diverse discussion panels than Celebration, IMO.)

  4. M. Marshall Says:

    I think this is a very good idea, LP for a number of reasons. Couple this with the horrendous reports of sexual harassment at cons, I think it’s time for a revolution: DIY conventions where fans of anything can start an alternative to corporate-controlled cons. Conventions by the fans, for the fans where safety and goodwill is the number one priority. If you need donations, I’ll find some way to help.

  5. M. Marshall Says:

    I think it’s a great idea LP. An alternative to corporate-owned conventions: DIY cons. Not only should we do this for saga fans, but there might be a need for this with all the sexual harassment that’s been going on at cons.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      In the ’70s and ’80s, cons were by definition DIY. Back then nobody saw the money in them and in a pre-internet era, letters and cons were how fans socialized. Cons ranged from very small informal gatherings called “relaxacons” to huge Star Trek cons that drew 25,000 people. The first Star Trek cons were put on by fans and in the early days, guests appeared for free! Cons were going corporate in the ’90s and I can see why; it’s very expensive and time consuming to put on those things. Most cons lose money before they start to break even or make money. I’ve seen many a show come and go.

      Cons need to do a better job of protecting its attendees/cosplayers from harassment. The problem is there are immature people with a poor sense of boundaries going to these things. The media and even the cons themselves don’t help the situation by promoting the pretty girls in the skimpy costumes (designed by the comics industry and Hollywood) as the main attraction. A few years ago at SDCC I passed by a booth where they were holding a contest for the guy who’s got a photo of himself with the “hottest girl.” *Facepalm.*

  6. lovelucas Says:

    I don’t know how I missed this entry but LP I support your proposal(s) 100% and will $upport them with my dollars. Re: petitions – I think Disney just doesn’t care and Lucasfilm is no longer in even a co-pilot’s seat. Like the ideas of independent artists and a pop up would be doable. Would LOVE a PT supportive panel and discussions of how to maintain, be positive and encourage membership PT appreciation. You can’t do it all by yourself, LP…. actually you probably could but count on my support in any way you need.

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