Some Older Pro-PT Reading

I’d missed Furious Fanboys’ May 19 post on 5 Reasons Why The Star Wars Prequels Won’t Be Retconned Or Remade (and thanks to Cedric Troissou on FB for indirectly linking to it through another FF story on Jurassic World).

Then a comment on the 5/19 post led me to this older piece from 2011 called I Love The Phantom Menace.

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2 Responses to “Some Older Pro-PT Reading”

  1. discoewok Says:

    3 fantastic entries!
    The FF piece is a wonderful dose of common sense. Trevorrow’s comments are a nice antidote to the Whitta controversy. Finally, the essay from Nick Alimonos is probably the best articulated expression of love for the entire saga. Thanks for posting!!

  2. Obi-Rob Says:

    Basically what happens is any time SW is in the media the people who aren’t fans of it, never usually cover it and dont/wont understand it only ever want to set it up just in order to knock it down.

    They do this only to get traffic to their website/blog/article. If you talk shit about the PT you get all the traffic you need on your comment section because then all the band wagoners and hateboys (people who are not SW fans) flock to it to bash.

    Then the fights start between them and people who are actual real SW fans. Then it just gos from there. Rinse and repeat on other lazy websites with bitter gen-X trash writing for them.

    George Lucas himself said it. Its not supernatural, its because these people are the ones who are currently in control of the media.

    When we can pry their hands from off of the media and when some of OUR generation can start writing and reviewing and blogging than we can change this whole forced trope of “the PT is the big bad one and the whole entire generation that loves it are the big bad ones”.

    Chris Hardwick (for one example) bought 4 tickets to TPM 3D per-person for every person who was on “The Jimmy Fallon Show” (just before he started hosting the tonight show) and gave away the tickets to everyone for free.

    How positive he was when talking about the film. How much respect he showed for the film he KNEW is responsible for every single superhero movie and action blockbuster (looking at you avatar) we have today. A legendary film he knew changed the game for Hollywood for the next 20 years.

    THAT was nice to see and hear on a latenight adult show. And everyone clapped and screamed excitedly when he told them they all had tickets under their seats.

    See….THATS the REAL WORLD. The mature, real world. Not and internet comment section, not a hateboy echo chamber, but the real world with two adults reminiscing and honoring a movie they all remember as a classic.

    Thats the stuff that makes me remember just how pathetic the hateboys are.

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