Another Thoughtful Piece Of Meta/Tribute

Check out rhodanum’s meta/tribute to TPM and young Anakin in particular on Tumblr. rhodanum adds: Hello there. I’m a fellow Star Wars fan and Prequel-era lover from Eastern Europe writing in, with some tributes that might be fitting for the Prequel Appreciation Society.

I’m sending these in late because I’m a scatter-brained fool, but better later than never, right? They’re a tribute to The Phantom Menace I wrote in a comment for a Clube Jade post and an expansion on that one that turned into a tribute/defense of Anakin Skywalker’s age and characterization in TPM. They’re very specific to my own experiences with Star Wars — a younger fan who fell in love with the saga after watching TPM in cinemas as young child and found solace in Star Wars during very troubled times — but I feel that others would enjoy reading them, especially after all the negativity and the utter lack of respect for fellow fans that’s plagued this fandom lately. If I can bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s been made to feel absolutely wretched by certain unmentionable parts of this fanbase, then I’ll have reached my goal.

If there’s any message that I want to send to others who love Star Wars as a whole, that’s the fact that we’re not as few or as scattered as some parts of this fandom would have us believe.

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3 Responses to “Another Thoughtful Piece Of Meta/Tribute”

  1. Ruth Nagarya Says:

    Come on fanboys show some maturity and intelligence and stop blaming Hayden Christensen for the prequel failures. He had no control over story, writing or directing…he was hired as an actor and that’s exactly what he did. You can do it, fanboys, like Yoda says…”Let GO of yout hate”. Be the intelligent, mature guys we all know you can be. You don’t want to act like terrorist do, you have more going for you than that. It’s time…you are better than that.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    This is..profound. To read what this person went through in his/her home country, to come to America, learn the language and culture to suffer much like Anakin did in this foreign environment and yet to find refuge in Anakin’s story. There’s a musicality to this piece – I really love the words chosen and I can visualize the experience because it is so well-written. Another testimony about the depth, the wealth, and the joy the prequels can bring….if you are open to their message.

  3. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Anakin is a great character for everyone who’s different in some way.
    At least for an adult mind.

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